10 Best Compass Apps for iPhone in 2023 (Free and Paid)

Want to find the best compass apps for iPhone? Check out this list of the most popular compass apps for iOS.


If you’re searching for compass apps for iPhone, you’re not alone. Using a compass in the 21st century might sound outdated, but thousands of people use the iPhone compass app.

Compass apps help you locate directions, especially when you’re out hiking, trekking, or camping. What’s more, with the best compass app for iPhone, you can do away with the need to buy and carry an actual compass.

Best Compass Apps for iPhone

1. Compass°

Compass apps for iPhone Compass

Are you searching for a free compass app for your iPhone? Go for Compass°. This is a super simple compass with a minimal interface.

It uses the hardware of your iPhone to get information about the direction. Instead of telling you where the four directions are, it tells you the direction where you’re heading.

Moreover, it shows you the angles of cardinal directions to find the precise location.

The direction is easy to read as the whole display is dedicated to showing you the direction. Hence, people of any age will find this compass app to be useful.

2. Compass x

If you don’t like the pre-installed compass on your iPhone, Compass x is a visually pleasing alternative to it.

It’s not a basic compass app for iPhone. The app shows you various other information you might need during hiking or camping.

Apart from the cardinal direction, it shows you the latitude/longitude, altitude in feet or meters, barometric pressure, and sunrise and sunset time.

You can choose the coordinates format between DMS, DDM, and DD. You can even share the information with others. Compass x can also find out the magnetic and geodetic/true north.

The beautiful design of this app interface will fascinate you. Also, the screen will always stay awake when this app opens.

iOS 16 users will also get temperature information from this app. It’s a free app, but you need to pay to remove ads.

3. Commander Compass Go

Commander Compass Go iPhone compass app

When it comes to outdoors and off-road navigation, Commander Compass Go is an all-in-one app that serves the purposes of the compass, GPS, and offline maps.

It functions like a hi-tech compass with features like a gyrocompass, speedometer, altimeter, GPS receiver, star finder, waypoint tracker, gyro horizon, and coordinate converter.

You can even save your places and waypoints in this app to show them on maps. The saved data can also be used for navigating to those places later, detailed GPS info display, and distance measurement.

The app also allows you to copy and share your location and coordinates with your family and friends in multiple formats.

You can either use its free version or upgrade to Compass GO Plus at $3.99, which gives you access to cycling maps or public transport maps.

4. Compass ⊘

Compass ⊘ is a beautiful iPhone compass app that you can use for location and navigation. This handy app informs you of your direction and altitude instantly.

Its accuracy depends on the device sensors, so you need to use it away from any strong electromagnetic source for the best results.

The app displays your current location name, its altitude in feet and meters, and cardinal direction angles. You can even share your location with others from this app.

It doesn’t need any internet connection and functions well in offline mode. The app is free, but you can upgrade to its full version at $1.99.

5. Compass∞

Compass apps for iPhone Compass∞

Compass∞ is one of the deluxe compass apps for iPhone with the big letter reading option. Anyone can easily read and use this app, which is a great option for hiking, camping, road trips, and trekking.

Besides showing you where you’re heading, it displays cardinal direction, Magnetic North/True North, altitude, and more. It also shows the location temperature, but you need to enable location services for that.

To run this app accurately, your device must have a magnetometer. Also, don’t use it near metallic objects and magnetic cases to avoid interference.

Compass∞ even has a flashlight that you can use at night. This free app comes with an in-app purchase facility.

6. The Best Compass

Regardless of your current location and direction, The Best Compass offers you the most precise compass info.

This beautiful and useful app uses GPS to determine your actual position. It also offers information like magnetic and true heading, GPS coordinates and location, magnetic declination, and angle measurement.

The latest version of this iPhone app offers you additional features such as a 7-day weather forecast, air quality data, and card manager.

It also offers a flashlight shortcut to illuminate your surroundings when it gets dark quickly. You can also customize which data gets displayed on the main screen.

You can buy any subscription plans for this free compass app for iPhone if you want.

7. Compass for iPad and iPhone

Compass for iPad and iPhone compass app

Compass for iPad and iPhone is an example of a minimalist compass app for iPhone. It believes in simplicity and shows the most important information – your direction right now.

The latest version of this compass app comes with a handy widget. Using it, you can quickly access the app even from the lock screen of your iOS 16 device.

What’s more, your iPhone screen will not turn off when this app is in use. This is a convenient feature for those walking, hiking, or driving with the help of its direction.

Though this app is free, you can make in-app purchases for ad removal and tips.

8. Compass & GPS

Compass & GPS is a free compass app for iPhone that lets you determine orientation. It is an ideal app for hiking and outdoor holidays.

It supports sharing your current location data with others. You can either copy the data on the clipboard or send it via Facebook, Twitter, email, or message.

Compass & GPS app can also tell the altitude of your current location. This app lets you choose between metrics such as feet, yards, and meters.

It not only shows cardinal directions but also displays the current latitude and longitude.

9. Compass – Professional

Compass – Professional best compass app for iPhone

Compass – Professional is an iPhone compass app that ensures safe and easy navigation. With this app, you can seamlessly locate your global position and clearly understand your direction.

It also lets you match the data with the satellite image or the compass map. All you need to do is to tap the map to change between these views.

Besides the accurate GPS coordinates, it also displays your current altitude. Looking at the blue highlighted area, you can understand the current accuracy.

This app is primarily free, but you can make in-app purchases.

10. Compass X – GPS Magnetic North

In case you’re wondering what makes Compass X – GPS Magnetic North one of the best compass apps for iPhone, it’s the combination of five essential tools: Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Morse Code Transmitter, and Teslameter.

Its compass can work in magnetic mode (uses a magnetometer) and True North mode (uses GPS). There is also a bright LED flashlight that supports customizable brightness.

This app also provides information on real-time altitude data in analog and digital formats. It also displays current GPS (longitude and latitude) information.

Its Morse code transmitter can transmit your text, sounds, and flashing lights. You can upgrade to its PRO version at $1.99.

Best Compass Apps for iPhone: Final Words

Compass apps can be a great alternative to physical compasses. These apps offer more features and are a convenient option for the present lifestyle.

Go through the best compass apps for iPhone and choose the one that fits your needs. You can share your experience with these apps in the comments.

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