10 Best Free Apps For Blogging 2020 Android & iPhone

In this article, I will be sharing with you the best free apps for blogging on your phone that will make easy in 2020. Blogging has been a way for me to share my passion, experience, wisdom with the rest of the world. 5 Best Tools for Freelancers – 2020. Some of the contents I post here are entirely written and edited on my phone with the aid of some . There are a lot of people that also write and manage their blogs on their phones. A lot of people live a busy life but the one constant thing we carry all through is our mobile phone. So here are some apps that will help you run a blog successfully on your mobile phone. We will cover every aspect from image editing apps, writing apps, to-do list, SEO apps, and the blogging platform apps


List Of Top 10 Best Free on &

1. WordPress

This is one of the largest blogging platforms on the internet. The WordPress blogging app is very essential and compact it is also compatible with any WordPress blog. You can create, edit, and publish a blog post. It can also be used to moderate comments, checking on analytics data as well as adding images to your post directly from your phone. I have used this app for some time and I find it very important and essential for anyone that wants to go into blogging with his mobile phone. Download For Android or IOS

2. Blogger

Another popular hosting platform that also has an application available it is important to have your blog host application if you want to run your blog on your mobile phone. Both apps are different from the WordPress app being more compact than the blogger app. A lot of people use this app to run their blogs on their mobile. Download For Android or IOS

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is used for editing images, but it comes in handy because you will use it to edit images and also add texts to images. Images are as important as text when it comes to blogging. You need to have original images if you want your content to rank on search engines. Snapseed will help you add text to images as it has a huge collection of fonts and shapes. Download For Android and IOS

4. The Pocket App

As the name goes this app serves as a space that you can save content you want to read later. It makes managing your time much easier. You can save videos, articles, and you can also save things directly from your social media apps to the pocket app. This app is very essential it allows you to get ideas for your next article and also save the best content in your niche. Download For Android or IOS

5. Google Analytics App

This app can be used to track real-time activities on your phone. You can monitor all the changes on your website with this app on your smartphone. You can also share reports to anybody with the help of the app. It is always important to keep track of your website all the time. this allows you to know what is happening and also know the most engaging content on your blog. this Analytics app is very important the download link is below. Download For Android or IOS

6. Pixabay

This app is free; it will help you with free images for your post and blog contents. Most of the time having an accurate image becomes a problem but with this application, it becomes easy. The app has various categories you can download directly to your phone. There are bugs on the app, but that’s what you get for using free service. Download For Android And IOS

7. Google Drive

Google Drive can be used as a backup and storage center.  Starting at $1.99 to $99.99 a month I know a lot of bloggers that use this service. You can save drafts on Google docs you can save pictures, notes, google sheets, and so on. It has 100 GB storage which should be enough for starters.  With this, you don’t have to worry about crashing as works are saved on the cloud. Download for Android or IOS

8. Writing App

I recently stumbled upon this app and it has been helpful to me. These apps encourage you to write regardless of your niche or category. The main aim of having a blog is to write and writing quality content is the only thing that will make your blog stand out. This app will guide you and sometimes provide you with ideas of what to write. Download For Android 

9. Social Pilot App

This app is used to schedule your posts to your various social media handles. The sole aim of using this app is because most times posting one by one across your handles can be stressful. This app will post simultaneously across your social media page. You can leverage social media to reach a new audience for your blog. this app is a must go as the essential of having a blog is to get traffic. Download For Android or IOS

10. Feedly App

Finally, with this app, you can receive news from your niche. It is important because you always stay updated about your niche and also keep your blog up to date. You can also add your favorite sites so whenever they post an update,  you will get alerted by the Feedly app. Download for Android or IOS

General thoughts About Free Blogging Apps that Bloggers Use

You must have all these apps on your phone. They can make blogging very easy for you and I have personally been using some of them over some time. Who knows if this post was written with the aid of the apps mentioned above?. Get them today and blogging will be more fun and much easier. let me know your favorite blogging app in the comment section.

Credit:  Gadgetstripe