10 Best Ghost Hunting Apps for iOS and Android in 2023

Want to track ghosts or play pranks on your friends? Try these best ghost-hunting apps.


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, ghost hunter apps can be a real deal for fun and fear.

If you’re planning a sleepover at a friend’s house, these apps can be a fun way to spend time together. It’s also an exciting way to keep people engaged during Halloween parties.

Or, if you fall under the category of people who don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, you can still use these ghost-hunting apps to play pranks on your friends or family members.

Disclaimer: The following apps’ ghost or spirit detection functionalities can’t be scientifically proven. App developers suggest you use these apps for fun and entertainment only.

Best Ghost Hunting Apps for iOS

1. Ghost Detector Radar Camera

As its name suggests, the Ghost Detector Radar Camera app lets you detect spirits around you through the camera.

Using it, you can find ghosts and communicate with them. The app can offer you a groundbreaking, ultra-realistic experience you’ll never forget.

This ghost detector app claims to show you the ghosts in the floating state in your home. You can also select questions for the spirits and get answers from them.

If you want to upgrade this free app to the PRO version, it’ll cost you $3.99.

2. Ghost Detector Camera

Ghost Detector Camera Ghost Hunting Apps

Do you love to get scared? If yes, Ghost Detector Camera dares you to use it. This free ghost hunter app has a camera that tells you the nearby location of a ghost or spirit.

This app uses EMF waves to track down the presence of ghosts. Furthermore, it utilizes the camera of your iOS device for ghost detection.

Ghost Detector Camera app boasts incredible animated HD graphics that’ll surprise you. Also, its sound effects are of high quality.

You can download and use this app for free. However, to remove ads from this app, you have to spend $0.99.

3. Ghost Hunting Toolkit

Ghost Hunting Toolkit is one of the best ghost-hunting apps for iOS. It has five robust tools: EMF Detector, EVP Recorder, “Interrogator,” Vibration Detector, and Power Detector.

Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, this app claims to offer you real tools for paranormal investigation.

This app can also log evidence of ghosts, manifestations, entities, poltergeists, and residuals.

You can use the night-vision mode during the “lights out” investigations. This mode converts the screen to red tones to preserve the original night vision.

Its latest version has a redesigned UI that’ll offer you an improved user experience. This paid app will cost you $5.99.

4. Ghost Detector Haunted Radar

Ghost Detector Haunted Radar Ghost Hunting Apps

Ghost Detector Haunted Radar is a ghost-hunting app for iOS that uses EM4 to find ghosts and areas where paranormal activities happen. This app offers the most accurate sensor for spirit detection for iPhone and iPad.

You can either use it for yourself or prank your friends. Use it to observe haunted places and discover if they have any paranormal entities.

If you’re an experienced hunter, you should be able to follow their movement with this app. The latest EM4 algorithm is stable and offers more precise data than its early versions.

This app is entirely free and doesn’t include any in-app purchases.

5. Ghost Detector Ghost Radar

With Ghost Detector Ghost Radar, you can easily find and communicate with ghosts.

Using it is pretty straightforward — open the app and walk anywhere to find if there are any ghosts in that area.

You can also ask the ghosts different questions. Use this app in dark areas or at night for the best experience.

This app has been specially designed for iPad, but you can also run it on iPhone. This free app comes with in-app purchases.

Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android

6. Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator Ghost Hunting Apps

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator is one of the best ghost-hunting apps that lets you detect if your house is haunted or if any supernatural entities are lurking around you.

This app can detect paranormal activities and locate supernatural spirits. After using it, you will find the similarity between the ghost box/radio/spirit board and the app.

It also functions as a ghost cam communicator app. After finding any ghost, you can also ask them questions.

Every day, this ghost hunter app also provides horror stories. Another feature is integration support with classic PKE, EMF, and EVP energy recorders.

With the help of realistic images and scary sound effects, it offers you an experience as close to real as it’ll get. This app contains ads and includes in-app purchases.

7. Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools is an Android app that works like a ghost-hunting detector simulator. If you suspect paranormal activities are happening around you, it’ll help you make sense of your experience.

Integrated word analysis and easy-to-read graphs are ideal for beginners and professionals. The EMF meters can be easily read and understood by all users.

It also has an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) library. It records grunts, words, or even sentences while recording ghost-hunting sessions outside the human acoustic range.

This app could be a perfect addition to your specialized paranormal research equipment. Moreover, you can download this app for free and make in-app purchases.

8. Real Ghost detector – Camera a

Real Ghost detector – Camera a ghost hunter app

Accurate Ghost detector – Camera a is the right app for anyone who wants to hunt down ghosts or protect themselves against them. This ghost-hunting app can detect ghosts around you and show spirits using your Android phone’s camera.

As you rotate your camera to different objects, it’ll show if there are any mysterious powers in these objects.

Moreover, you can use this as a ghost communicator when a solid spiritual power can interfere with distorting the camera image. At that time, you may even hear the ghosts making sounds. Also, you can turn on the flashlight from this app.

9. Ghost Detector Real-Life Radar

Ghost Detector, Real Life Radar, is a ghost-hunting app that can gather evidence of paranormal activity. It has both ghost radar and a camera scanner to detect the presence of ghosts.

This powerful and stylish app is packed with radar, camera, and EVP recorder technology for the best results. Besides ghosts, it can also detect other paranormal entities and phenomena.

It’s also capable of creating a ghost map with the help of ghost radar and entities. The app can also tell you if there is a ghost in your house. It’s completely free but contains some ads.

10. Ghost Detector – EM4 Sensor Ra

Ghost Detector – EM4 Sensor Ra ghost hunter apps

Ghost Detector – EM4 Sensor Ra uses a new EM4 algorithm so that you can find out the ghosts. Install this app on your phone and see where the location is strongest.

Use this app to observe haunted places and locate paranormal entities. If you are an experienced hunter, you can even follow the movement of the spirits.

The EM4 algorithm has become stable; hence, it’s more accurate and sensitive than any other technology. It can even let you know if a paranormal entity’s impact is positive or negative.

This app includes in-app purchases and displays ads when you use it.

Ghost Hunting Apps for iOS and Android: Final Words

None of these apps claims 100% accuracy in the data they provide. So, users should take these ghost hunter apps with a pinch of salt.

However, you can use these apps for entertainment without any hesitation. For this reason, Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments about the best ghost-hunting apps.

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