10 Best iOS Coloring Apps for Everyone in 2023

Whether you are an adult or a young person, you can try these coloring apps to unleash your creativity and calm your mind.

Are you nostalgic about coloring beautiful pictures and giving them a new vibrant look? Or do you want your kid to grow the habit of coloring?

Coloring is a great habit that soothes your stressed mind and works as a great time pass. It also improves your sense of coloring.

In this era of technology, you don’t need a pen and paper for coloring. Instead, you can use coloring apps on your iPhone or iPad to color.

1. Happy Color

Best iOS coloring apps Happy Color

Happy Color is a calming coloring app. It combines painting with the numbering game to make the user’s coloring process enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for relief from anxiety or some moments full of fun, this app allows you to do so while utilizing your creativity.

Use can use this app with ease, regardless of your age and lifestyle. Just choose your favorite picture and start coloring that.

Thanks to its partnership with Marvel and Disney, you can color the pictures of your favorite characters and superheroes.

This app includes art templates by artists from all over the world, which ensures variety and inclusiveness.

Happy Color app is free to download, but you can make in-app purchases for additional features.

2. Colorfy

If you’re looking for paint and color fun drawings, Colorfy is one of the best coloring apps. It allows you to color patterns, florals, mandalas, animals, and thematic images.

What’s more, you can join the app community as an artist and share your drawings with the world.

The virtual gallery of this coloring app uses AR technology to make sure you visualize the drawing as if they are in the real world.

It has a collection of 1000+ pictures you can color by choosing the color palette. Those looking to add advanced effects can use different types of brushes.

Colorfy coloring app also lets you share the drawings on your favorite social media network. It also supports offline mode and works will all the latest iOS versions.

You can use its free version or purchase different subscription plans with advanced features.

3. Pigment

Pigment iOS Coloring Apps
Pigment iOS Coloring Apps

Pigment is an adult coloring book app where you can draw and paint to have a relaxed time. It has a collection of 7000+ artworks, including mandalas, portraits, and more.

This app equips you with 29 pencils, brushes, and markers to draw and color what you want. You also get a curated color palette or create your personalized one for coloring.

Moreover, It lets you choose colors from the color wheel using the shade control slider. Advanced users can color with more control with automatic, freehand, and advanced modes.

Pigment allows you to print your creations or share them via email, text, and social media.

This free coloring app also has in-app purchases for premium access that include features like exclusive Marvel content.

4. Lake

Lake lets you paint away your stresses and relax through coloring. Here, you get access to 85+ coloring books by independent illustrators from around the world.

It has a toolset with spray, fill, eraser, watercolor brush, and acrylic brush. You can use the tap-to-fill coloring option or use brushes that also come with soothing sounds.

Lake also supports saving your favorite color books in the My List section. Moreover, you can access all incomplete works in My Studio.

Other features of this coloring app include Apple pencil support, a history palette with used colors, zoom in/out, etc.

It also supports iCloud sync so that you can use it on multiple iOS devices without any trouble. You get the option to use it for free or buy its subscriptions.

5. Recolor

Recolor iOS Coloring Apps
Recolor iOS Coloring Apps

Recolor is an anti-stress coloring app for iOS that lets you relax, leaving all your worries aside. It enables you to access four images for free for coloring.

This app lets you color 5000+ unique adult coloring pages, including flowers, mandalas, animals, and more.

You can even upload your drawing and color them on Recolor. It also offers 70 color palettes and various coloring options like solid colors, crayons, and gradients.

You can even use 80+ outlines, filters, and effects for personalization. Sharing your artwork on social media is also possible from this app.

This is a free coloring app that has in-app purchases for subscription plans. There is also a 7-day free trial available.

6. Color Therapy Coloring Number

Do you enjoy playing color-by-number games? If yes, Color Therapy Coloring Number is the right choice for you.

Color therapy is a proven way to improve your mindfulness. This relaxation coloring app does that by letting you spend quality me-time.

It has 5000+ coloring pages of different themes such as mandala, floral, animals, places, objects, nature, thematic, art, fashion, pattern, and more.

Here, you can choose from realistic methods like flat brush, airbrush, and oil painting. It also lets you select line colors and finishing effects.

Color Therapy Coloring Number app also provides a smear tool that you can use for perfectly blending colors.

While you can download and use this app for free, accessing VIP features will need you to make purchases.

7. Baby Coloring Book for Kids

Baby Coloring Book for Kids
Baby Coloring Book for Kids

Does your child spend a lot of time on iPad? You can ensure the time is spent for creative and educational purposes with Baby Coloring Book for Kids.

It’s a dedicated iOS coloring app for kids three to six years old. Besides coloring, it also offers drawing lessons to help your children develop motor skills.

Baby Coloring Book for Kids has 100+ pages to color for creative development. The coloring process is suitable for kids under six years.

This coloring app is free, but you must make in-app purchases to use some advanced features.

8. Coloring Games for Kids 2-6

Coloring Games for Kids 2-6 will keep your kids busy for hours with drawing and coloring, so they don’t spend time on harmful social platforms.

It offers 700+ drawing and coloring pages where they can learn about colors and shapes. Here, kids get to color fruits, vegetables, animals, unicorns, vehicles, and many more.

They can also participate in various coloring games such as pencil, glitter, pattern, and surprise coloring.

While kids can decorate homes, snowmen, cakes, etc., with this coloring app, parents can save their kids’ creations. This free coloring app comes with in-app purchases to unlock all features.

9. Chroma

iOS Coloring Apps Chroma
iOS Coloring Apps Chroma

Chroma is one of the best iPad coloring apps available now. This adult coloring app lets you create magic by mixing color, texture, and gradient.

Here, you can use a pencil, brush, or marker to color pictures hand drawn exclusively for this app.

It offers the color bucket to quickly color a section and color constraints to keep the colors inside the line.

You can also zoom in on the pictures for delicate coloring and import your drawings into this app for coloring.

Moreover, it supports sharing your artwork in the Chroma Gallery and social platforms. You can either use its free version or purchase its premium plans.

10. Colorfull

Colorfull enables you to relax while coloring by playing soothing music as you color. You can wear your headphone and dive into the world of mindfulness as you tap to color.

The drawings you get here are made exclusively for this app. Some popular drawing categories are flora, animals, mandalas, patterns, and oceans.

You can zoom in and out drawings for precise coloring. Also, all used colors can be found in the history palette section of the Colorfull coloring app.

Offline work mode, real-time progress saving, and quick social media sharing are other highlighted features of this app.

It has more than ten palettes that contain 200+ colors. Besides using the free version, you can also purchase its weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.

Best iOS Coloring Apps: Final Words

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use coloring apps to nurture the habit of coloring. You can also ask your kids to try the color on digital devices.

Now that you know the best free and paid coloring apps for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), it’s time to download them and start coloring.

You can also comment on any other coloring apps that couldn’t make it to this list. If you are a drawing enthusiast, check out the best drawing apps for iPad.


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