11 Best Hunting Apps for iOS and Android in 2023

Do you love hunting but face many challenges? You can make your hunting and wilderness exploration adventures convenient by using these best hunting apps on any smartphone or tablet.


In hundreds and thousands, Americans go hunting across the country when the hunting season starts in all 50 states of the USA. It’s the US’s most sought-after, exciting, and traditional sport.

While amateurs and occasional hunters enjoy the adventure of this sport, veteran hunters make a living out of the hunting season.

Naturally, the mobile apps industry has also entered the hunting sport with its vast inventory of mobile and tablet apps that help hunters stay safe, compliant, and enjoy the hunting season.

Whether highly skilled or newbies in this sport, every hunter will benefit from this ultimate list of the best hunting apps.

Why Do You Need a Hunting App?

Though hunting is a traditional sport in the USA, there’re strict rules across the country to conserve wildlife.

Also, it’s not a simple sport as it involves complex activities. However, the best free hunting map apps help you to follow the state and federal laws related to this recreational activity.

Some other essential use cases for free hunting apps are:

  • Understanding public and private land regulations
  • Knowing the property boundaries for hunting
  • Solunar pattern forecasting
  • Wind direction checking
  • Past animal activities in allowed hunting grounds
  • Scouting the landscape
  • Following trails
  • Controlling trail cameras

Now that you know the reasons to use the best free or paid hunting apps, find reliable apps for hunting in the wilderness below:

Best Hunting Apps for iPhone

1. HuntStand: Maps, GPS & Tools

HuntStand Maps, GPS & Tools free hunting apps

HuntStand answers the famous question of hunters across the country, “What Is the Best Hunting App?” Because it offers must-have assistance, you need during hunting. For example, you’ve got hunting ground maps, offline weather, online weather, hunting tracking, and social media for hunters.

You can also access informative content on hunting gears, tactics, rules, experiences from expert hunters, and more.

2. SAS Survival Guide

If you want to feel the thrill of real hunting adventures in the wilderness, where permitted, you must try this SAS Survival Guide app. Most veteran hunters use this app to survive in remote forests and grasslands.

It consists of a complete survival guidebook by an ex-SAS instructor and soldier. Also, there are resources to help you locate edible flora and fauna in the wilderness, track animal footsteps, track locations, the position of the Sun, etc.

3. onX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps

onX Hunt GPS Hunting Maps is the best free hunting map app

When hunting in the wilderness, you can quickly lose track of your position from the nearest campaign ground or hunting mates. In such situations, you can use onX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps, one of the best free hunting apps.

It creates a topological map of the hunting space using GPS satellites to show reliable data on your position, other hunters in the area, nearby camping grounds, etc.

4. Hunting Calendar, Solunar

Hunting Calendar, Solunar, is one of the best hunting times apps. Its hunting calendar feature will automatically mark good hunting days on your calendar when the local hunting season begins.

That’s not all! The app will display an accurate time frame for hunting specifically approved species on federal and state hunting grounds. Also, you can use its animal calling sounds to attract approved animals.

5. iHunt Hunting Calls 750

iHunt Hunting Calls 750 best hunting apps

iHunt Hunting Calls 750 is another free hunting app that gives you free access to 75 animal calls.

Apart from the animal calls, you get hunting assistance features like the Solunar timetable, GPS-based activity log, social media for hunting photo sharing, weather forecasts for outdoor camping and hunting, and much more.

Best Hunting Apps for iPad

6. Solunar Best Hunting Times

Solunar Best Hunting Times is another best hunting times app with Free and Pro subscription plans. The app is best suited for iPad if you need to see the current and future predictions on a large display.

You can use its following features to plan practical hunting trips:

  • Tracking Sun and Moon
  • Monitoring animal feeding time
  • Tracking wind direction
  • Finding out hunter-friendly ratings of hunting grounds
  • Automatic and manual GPS location
  • Apple Watch compatibility

7. HuntWise: A Better Hunting App

HuntWise A Better Hunting App

The HuntWise app comes with an intelligent algorithm that utilizes the Solunar timetable and local animal tracking data to create a flawless prediction of animal movement.

Thus, you enter any approved hunting ground to hunt turkey, whitetail, waterfowl, and more at the right time when animals are there. You can enjoy camping in the wilderness and cooking your catch for the rest of the day.

8. BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps

If you’re looking for the best free hunting map app for your iPad, BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps should be the ideal choice. It’s an excellent outdoor adventure and hunting ground mapping app that works without Wi-Fi and a cellular network.

Its in-depth mapping feature shows your position accurately related to other map legends like roads, peaks, property boundaries, trails, personal markers, favorite places, and so on.

You can also access the rich content library from the BaseMap community section to sharpen your hunting skills. It also helps you find out hunting grounds with plenty of animal tracks and activities.

Best Hunting Apps for Android

9. The Woods Hunting App – extend

The Woods Hunting App – extend

Want to find out what is the best free hunting app with social features? You must try out The Woods Hunting App – extend. It lets you create maps of your hunting area, tag hunting pints, map hunting camps, etc., and share the map with other hunters.

Its intuitive mapping interface also lets you place custom hunting waypoints for blinds, tree stands, landlines, harvests, etc. You can also plan a complete hunting trip with friendly hunters online.

10. ZEISS Hunting

ZEISS Hunting is for you if you use hunting equipment and tools from the ZEISS Hunting catalog. You can download and use the app for free if you’re using any of these ZEISS Hunting products:

  • ZEISS Victory RF

The above tools connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. Once plugged in, you can use advanced hunting programs like Hunting Grounds, Ballistics, Hunting Diary, Newsfeed, Connected Products, and more.

11. HuntSmart: The Trail Cam App

HuntSmart The Trail Cam App

If you love animal videography during the hunting season, you should try HuntSmart: The Trail Cam App. You can connect many old and new cameras in the app. Also, there are GPS location-based maps to manage your cameras and their feed, everything from one app.

Best Hunting Apps: Final Words

Now you know the best hunting apps for the hunting season in the USA. Therefore, you can install any of the above on a compatible smartphone and tablet before you go recreational hunting.

How did you do in this hunting season? Let us know by leaving comments below.

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