11 Ways To Attract More Followers On TikTok (2023)

11 Ways To Attract More Followers On TikTok

Do you have TikTok on your smartphone? Then you must know how engaging this new application is. It is amazingly entertaining and exciting. If you aim to be the next Tiktok sensation, or if you already have that funny clip recorded, hold on with it, because it won’t fly without you boosting your fans and follower first. So let us help you to achieve that.


Achieving it can easily be discussed but difficult to make a reality though. Plus there are several services that can attract lots of fake followers and fans, but that is not really what you want as it will be of no good in the long run, it could possibly ensure your account is banned as well.

Gaining followers on any social media app takes a lot of time and effort. Let us highlight how you can begin to get more people to follow your TikTok account:

11 Ways To Attract More Followers On TikTok

1. Ensure Your Profile Is Filled Out

Several TikTok users want to attain that “viral Tiktok content.” height but still do not bother to fill out their profile, this is wrong. You will not boost your following on Tiktok without having an enticing profile on it. A profile that is scanty will always look boring to potential followers.

By ensuring your profile is rich enough, people will know a lot about you and be drawn towards you enough to get them to press the “follow” button. Ensure your profile photo is dope as well, they look out for that too.

2. Hashtags

Making use of the hottest and most popular hashtags ensures you reach more people. If you use unpopular hashtags, no one gets to see you. Engage in the use of famous hashtags and more people can view the video you have for them.

3. Let Your Content Be Original

One major issue on Tiktok currently is that several users just churn out lip-sync clips or are copying other users’ content. This will attract a few likes but not followers. Make sure what you are putting out is fresh, original and unique. Ensure no one has viewed it before. Add that to the popular hashtags we talked about and you will definitely dazzle your viewers. It is not a must for it to be completely original all the time. A lip-sync video or a redo of a popular clip once in a while can be effective as well but always surprise your viewers.

4. Remain Active

One major way to attract followers on TikTok is consistency. Your new fans need new content from you all the time. They engaged in their subscription solely for that. Share one video daily. Focus on a quality video rather than the number of videos.

5. Interact With Your Followers

This is the same in every other social media platform. One of the most vital things to do as you gain more fans and followers is to interact with them. Fans fancy speaking to the people that give them the contents they love. They will love you more when you take advice from them on what you can even improve on. This will keep them coming.

6. Feature Others

Collaborating with other TikTok accounts is a dope way to reach out to more people. Just make sure the people you discuss with have an identical number of followers when placed next to the ones you possess. As you get bigger on the platform, you can now involve the heavyweights.

7. Utilize Your Social Media Platforms

This is simple. If you have lots of followers on the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share your TikTok content on them as well. This will boost your followers on your Tiktok account.

8. Come Up With Your Own Challenge

Doing your very own challenges can increase your followers and fans. Challenges like the #InMyFeelingsChallenge from Drake #unmakeupchallenge which is all about doing away with your make up as a lady. This is a massive chance to come up with stand out content that everyone will love and adore. Your followers will skyrocket.

9. The “For You” Page

“For You” This page is where TikTok users get content. It is basically a series of videos Tiktok focuses on highlighting for reasons best known to them. The requirements are unknown to the guy typing this but you can end up on this page if you ensure your content is viewed by several people.

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