12 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone for Kids and Adults in 2023

Playing puzzle games on your iPhone can be a great pastime whether you are an adult or a kid. Learn about the best puzzle games for iPhone from here.


Playing any game could be fun, but it’s the puzzle games that increase the efficiency of your brain. These games require you to make strategies and improve your problem-solving capability.

Find below a list of the best iPhone puzzle games. Here, we’ve included various games that both kids and adults may play.

1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope doesn’t need an introduction to smartphone users who love to play different games and puzzles. It’s about winning different levels and moving on to the next one.

This game has a central character named On Nom, who loves to eat candy. As a player, your objective would be to guide him on a sweet adventure.

It has 425 levels to complete, where you need to collect gold stars and win hidden prizes. This physics-based game requires you to incorporate the rules of physics in your gameplay.

Cut the Rope could be highly addictive and funny for players of any age. The app is free, but you can purchase various plans for additional features.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games

If you’re looking for an engaging jigsaw puzzle experience, Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games is one of the best iPhone puzzle games.

This easy-to-play game offers 13,000+ HD pictures to create using puzzle pieces. It doesn’t involve any point system or gimmicks. You can spend hours putting the puzzles together until you complete the picture.

Besides being a fun game, Jigsaw Puzzles also functions as short-term memory and concentration exercise. Features like customizable background and rotation mode make it more exciting and challenging.

Here, you get HD pictures of various categories, including animals, nature, flowers, colors, art, landmarks, and challenging puzzles.

You can even earn coins by completing puzzles and, later, use the coins to access exclusive puzzles. This is a free game that involves in-app purchases.

3. Where’s My Water? 2

Where’s My Water best puzzle game for iPhone

Where’s My Water? 2 is the sequel of the famous iPhone puzzle game Where’s My Water. This addictive physics-based puzzle game includes new locations such as the Sewer, the Soap Factory, and the Beach.

It has more than 100 levels where you need to cut through dirt to guide water and steam to your target.

You can use hints to pass those quickly if you’re stuck at any level. You can even enable challenge mode to play the finished levels in a new way,

Fulfilling achievements will allow you to win special-themed duckies like astronaut-duckie, gladiator-duckie, and hula-duckie.

This game is free, though you can make in-app purchases to get boosts.

4. Blackbox

Blackbox is the ultimate brain puzzle game for iOS users. To crack this game, you need to think outside the box and perform offbeat tasks such as finding solitude and stillness, calling on your friends, and getting in tune with the cosmos.

It offers minimalistic visual clues that can lead you to incredibly satisfying moments. It’s even accessible without vision, thanks to the sonic interfaces with additional guidance.

This game provides a unique way to perceive puzzles. This free app includes different in-app purchases.

5. Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games

Numpuz Number Puzzle Games are the best puzzle games for iPhone

Do you have a fascination for numbers and math? Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games is one of the best free puzzle games for iPhone.

Here, you have to swipe the number tiles to organize the numbers in the correct order. It has six difficulty levels you can play without an internet connection.

Moreover, it has an endless challenge mode that puts your logical thinking and mental limits to the test.

The game offers a combination of realistic animation and simple controls to test your logic and reaction speed. Its Timer feature lets you record your playtime.

6. Tangle Master 3D

You can enjoy detangling ropes or strings with Tangle Master 3D. In this game, you can master the tangles and knots.
This game will challenge you to sort the ropes properly and untangle the ropes on time. Your moves will be limited, so you must focus on matching colors and sorting ropes simultaneously.

It comes with hundreds of unique levels of different difficulties. Also, you can play special weekend tournaments and enjoy customized features.

You don’t have to pay any money to play this game, but ad removal costs $3.99.

7. Flow Free

best puzzle games ios Flow Free

Flow Free is a simple and relaxing brain puzzle game for iPhone users. It needs you to match colors using pipes without crossing or overlapping each other.

You can continue playing through 2,500+ levels in Free Play mode or use the Time Trial mode to complete the level in a stipulated time.

It lets you choose from 10 different board sizes and track which levels you completed in the Free Play mode.

This gaming app comes with a colorful UI and smooth navigation. Moreover, it offers special levels for color-impaired players. This free game comes with in-app purchases.

8. Brain Dots

Are you looking for a simple drawing puzzle game? Download Brain Dots and start bumping the two balls.

To make blue and red balls bump together, you must draw lines and shapes according to the requirements of each level. The more flexible your thinking is, the higher your chance of winning this game.

For drawing, you can use 25+ variants of pencils and crayons of different colors and sizes. You can create your stages and see if others can win them.

You can make in-app purchases in this free app for additional features.

9. The Guides Axiom

The Guides Axiom’s best iPhone puzzle games

Being one of the best iPhone puzzle games, The Guides Axiom presents an array of brand-new codes, puzzles, and interactive ciphers.

It challenges your wit and imagination to test your ingenuity in a unique style. This game has 100+ meticulously designed interactive puzzles, ciphers, and secrets.

The game comes with integrated decoding tools like Morse and binary to complete the challenges.
It also lets you track clues with screenshots and notes while helping you move forward using hints. You can use this app for free or avail of additional features with in-app purchases.

10. Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games

If you have a childhood memory of playing block games on old gaming consoles, you’ll love Block Blast-Block Puzzle Games. It’s one of the best free puzzle games for iPhone, where you need to create a line of blocks.

The game combines block and brain puzzle games with seamless control and addictive sound effects.

Your score will depend on your logical skills and layout strategy. You can use this game for brain exercise and IQ testing.

It doesn’t need you to have a network connection and can be played in offline mode.

11. AMAZE!!!

best puzzle games iOS Amaze

AMAZE!!! It is one of the best iPhone puzzle games for painting. All you have to do is to move the ball and paint the blocks as you move along.

It may seem easy initially, but you should have a top-notch strategy to color and fill all the blocks.

Missing out on coloring even a square means being stuck in the maze forever. This is a free gaming app for iOS, but you must pay to remove the ads.

12. Water Sort Puzzle

Color sorting games are pretty popular these days and are not as easy as you think. Play Water Sort Puzzle, and you’ll understand how to strategize to ace such games.

It offers a large number of levels — all of which are unique. As you move forward, the levels will become more challenging.

However, there are no time limits or penalties so you can play it at your own pace. You’ll need only one finger to control it. You can play this game for free but need to spend money for an ad-free experience.

Best Puzzle Games for iPhone: Final Words

Puzzle games stimulate your brain and keep it active. Hence, these are the best way to have fun with your iPhone or other iOS devices.

Go through this list of best puzzle games for iPhone and start playing them. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with others through comments.

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