20 Best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria and their Prices


Tripods and Monopods price in Nigeria – In this article, you will see 20 Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria, their pictures, and prices. Both a monopod and a tripod can be used to stabilize a camera, but their legs are constructed differently. Tripods are supported by three legs, hence the name. Camera support with a single leg, or monopod.Information Guide Nigeria

Features of Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria – The rest of the structure of both accessories is also very similar. Each can be modified to fit your height, for instance. Both commonly make use of fast-release plates that allow the camera to be attached or detached in seconds. Tripods and monopods share numerous similarities in design and construction, and many of the same manufacturers. However, there are important distinctions between tripods and monopods due to the number of legs. Based on these distinctions, you can choose between the two options when deciding which photographic tool is better for the task at hand.

Quality Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria – Although a tripod offers the greatest stability for your camera, it is also the heaviest and most inconvenient of camera supports. A monopod is less steady than a tripod, yet it allows for far more freedom of movement. Where do you stand? A monopod is your best bet if you need to be on the go. The freedom to move around is one of the best things about using a monopod. In addition, you can prevent camera shake to a small degree by bearing the weight of heavy lenses.Best Tripods and Monopods

 20 Best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria and their Prices

These are the 20 Best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria, their prices, and where to order them online.

1. Mobile Phone Camera Tripod Stand+Remote


The manufacturer made this YUNTENG VCT-5208 Smartphone/DSLR/Sports Camera Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter from high-quality aluminum alloy, hand-picked after undergoing a specific surface treatment, carefully manufactured, and tested extensively; compact, durable, and convenient. It is capable of thriving in the rough and tumultuous terrain. That goes for film cameras, digital cameras, and even the tiniest cameras. It is one of the best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.


  • Yunteng VCT 5208 travel Tripod
  • VCT-880 microfilm DSLR camera equipment.
  • Travel tripod mobile for camera phone
  • VCT 5208
  • Black

Price: ₦ 13,500

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2. Octopus Tripod Stand & Remote Shutter For Smartphones

Smartphone Tripod Mount Holder with Mini Camera Stand and Wireless Remote is one of the most popular Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria. Use of the remote requires a smartphone running Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2 or later.


  • YUNTENG VCT-5208 Tripod With Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter For Mobile Phones, DSLR, and Sports Cameras.
  • Tripods are high-quality aluminum alloy are selected through special surface treatment, produced by a rigorous examination, lightweight and sturdy, and easy to carry.
  • Able to adapt to the crude complex environment of the terrain. Both for traditional cameras, and digital cameras and also suitable for the use of small cameras.
  • Technical Information Model: YUNTENG VCT-5208 Head: three-dimensional head Moving Head angle: 360 degrees Tilt (downward): 90 degrees Tilt (up): 65 degrees Material.
  • ABS High-quality aluminum and plastic combined Weight: about 0.6kg Maximum load: 1.5kg Number of leg sections: 4 Maximum leg diameter: about 18mm Tripod storage height: 43cm Tripod Minimum height: 43cm Tripod Maximum height: 125cm
  • Head: Three-dimensional head

Price: ₦ 3,995

3. Tripod Stand For Smartphones With Three(3) Unique FREE GIFTS

The Tripod stand is made of aluminum alloy; it is portable yet stable and will not break. Optimal for use with digital and smartphone cameras. This universally compatible iPhone and Android mount also feature a screw that can be used with any standard tripod. It is one of the finest Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.


  • Excellent 3-way pan head can adjust the mobile phone to any position.
  • Plate with 1/4” screw, quick and easy for setting up the smartphone mount onto and off the tripod.
  • 3 sections aluminum leg, 3 section leg allows you to adjust the tripod to the desired height for photo shooting.
  • Bubble level ensures level photos at all times.
  • Maximum load capacity 1KG can be used for smartphones cameras or recorders within 1KG

Price: ₦ 15,600

4.   Phone Tripod Stand Kit – Black

Your tripod will always be perfectly leveled thanks to the built-in bubble level, and it will be able to swivel 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically to suit your needs. Solid, nonslip footing is provided by the rubber tips on the ends of the aluminum legs. The mount’s clamp can be adjusted from 12.5cm to 20.5cm, making it suitable for tablets with screens measuring anywhere from 7 inches to 10.1 inches in diagonal. It is one of the most affordable Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.Duties of A Clinical Psychologist


  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Material: Aluminium/Plastic
  • Max Height: 100cm
  • Min Height: 34cm
  • Phone Holder Adjustable Width: 52-85mm
  • Maximum Tripod Load: 2.5kg

Price: ₦ 13,000

5. Smart Personal Robot-Cameraman 360° Object Tracking Holder

Horizontal orbit tracking holder that can rotate through 360 degrees without encountering a dead angle. The innovative algorithm is implemented enables automatic photo capture of moving objects, real-time target tracking shooting functionality, and object pursuit. The face tracking feature is able to recognize your face and then follow you around. It is one of the cheapest Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.Norrenberger Financial Group Recruitment 2022(5 Positions)


  • 360 ° infinite rotation, horizontal orbit rotation, no dead angle and follow automatically.
  • Built-in innovative algorithm, real-time target tracking shooting function, chase the displacement of objects and automatically capture interesting pictures.
  • Face tracking mode can automatically recognize your face, wherever you go, it follows.
  • Put your poses at will, and start taking pictures or videos automatically. There is also a two-person shooting mode, which allows you to freeze intimate moments.
  • AI composition can automatically perform professional composition optimization on people or pets.
  • The gimbal can switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes, providing multiple angles for shooting and adapting to various scenarios such as vlog shooting.
  • Elastic grip, soft silicone, support for 56-100mm mobile phones. Power supply mode dry battery (not included in this product)

Price: ₦ 15,000

6. Mini Tripod Stand For Mobile Phones

This is a straightforward tripod, with legs that can be extended. The ease of use and portability of this product are its defining characteristics! monopod, phone clip, and flat clip are the three attachments. can be used with a mobile phone, a card machine, and a mini digital camera, and it has the ability to capture the widest possible field of view while remaining very stable. It is one of the best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.


  • This is a simple tripod, with extendable legs
  • This product is characterized by convenience and portability!
  •  monopod, phone clip, and flat clip.
  • can be used with mobile phones, card machines, mini digital cameras, can w
  • The largest open angle is very stable.

Price: ₦ 4,500

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7. QZSD Q – 03 Tripod Panoramic Ball Head Holder 360 Degree Fluid Rotation Support Gimbal Accessories SLR Cameras

Tripod ball head with fluid rotation of 360 degrees, designed specifically for panoramic photography. Standard screw measuring 3/8 inches in diameter, compatible with virtually all tripods. A large sphere measuring 36 millimeters in diameter offers a secure locking force to guarantee sufficient camera stabilization and protection. There are four rotary knobs for adjusting the horizontal, vertical, and sideways, making it simple to position your camera at any angle. It is one of the most unique Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.


  • QZSD Q – 03 Tripod Panoramic Ball Head Holder
  • 360 Degree Fluid Rotation
  • Support Gimbal Accessories SLR Cameras

Price: ₦ 43,650

8. PULUZ 20cm Pocket Plastic Tripod Mount With 360 Degree Ball Head For Smartphones, GoPro, DSLR Cameras(Red)

You can use it as a hand grip for shooting videos or photos with your GoPro, compact camera, or smartphone. It is made of thick and sturdy plastic, making it ideal for shooting action sports footage from a fixed angle.
Because of its sturdy construction, it offers a stable foundation in any circumstance, and the rubber feet ensure that it will remain in place and won’t slide around on any surface. It is one of the best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.


  • Luxebell Camera Tripod Mount
  • ATMO Q8 Mini Tripod
  • XILETU Mini Tripod
  • Fugetek Premium Mini Tripod
  • Mini Tripod
  • Luxebell Camera Tripod Mount

Price: ₦ 8,599

9. Andoer A-555 6-Section Compact Portable Photography

Made of thick and sturdy plastic, it is ideal for shooting action sports footage from a fixed angle, but it can also be used as a hand grip to shoot video or photos with your GoPro, compact camera, or smartphone.
Its solid construction ensures a secure base in any situation, and the rubber feet ensure a stable and slip-free surface on any surface.


  • Aluminum alloy structure, max tube diameter 28mm, strong load capacity, up to 10kg / 22 lbs.
  • 6-section design, extendable height from 38cm to 156cm.
  • Quick lock system for length adjustment, securely locks the unipod.
  • 3/8″ thread at the bottom to attach it on a mini tripod.
  • Foam handle with strong load capacity, it can also be a hiking stick when you need it.
  • 1/4″ to 3/8″ adapter to better meet your needs.

Price: ₦ 41,000

10. FTL-76 76mm High Precision Add-On Offset Bubble Spirit Level Plate For Tripod Ball Head

The horizontal disc has a 76mm diameter and can be easily fitted between the ball head and the tripod platform, making it suitable for most bases. When opening the tripod, it is convenient to check the level. The bubble level has a 15mm diameter and is simple to use. It is one of the most powerful Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.


  • Spirit Level Plate
  • Add-On Offset Bubble Level
  • Tripod Level Sprit Level
  • Spirit Level Plate
  • Add-On Offset Bubble Level
  • Tripod Level Sprit Level

Price: ₦ 18,899

11. Tripod Phone Holder Selfie Clip Bracket Mount

Excellent quality phone bracket with automated elastic stretch that can clip phones ranging in width from 110 to 185mm. The phone bracket is adjustable and lightweight, making it simple to use and transport. You can use any 1/4″ tripod stand with a regular tripod hole. Also, you may use any tripod stand with the automated elastic stretch and standard tripod hole.


  • Tripod legs are designed with a Sticking Point Type instead of Flip Leg Locks. This is for quick open purposes, when you are shooting for some beautiful moments, timing is the key.
  • The recommended max load weight is 3.3 lbs (1.5kg) for optimal performance.
  • Extendable mini tripod for smartphones
  • Small and lightweight for travel, extends from 6 inches to 10.5 inches, small enough to stow in your carry-on suitcase or backpack.
  • Compatible with small digital cameras (not DSLRs), GoPro cameras, and smartphone adapters (not included) and works well for a webcam on your desk.

Price: ₦ 7,300

12. Handheld self-timer lever-Black

Because of the light and angle, the color of the image may differ somewhat from that of the actual object. I hope this makes sense! Every dimension is measured by hand. There could be a 1cm 2cm difference.JAMB Result


  • Mobile self lever
  • Material: Aluminum, PC
  • Configured for(Adaption):Smartphones
  • Folded Length (mm):200
  • Model Number: WS-18026
  • Support Remote Control: Yes
  • Communication: Bluetooth
  • Weight (g):155g
  • Max Extended Length (mm):650mm
  • Package: Yes

Price: ₦ 27,314

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13. Mini Cartoon Self-timer Rod Rearview Mirror Line-controlled

Universal mobile phones have circular and circular interfaces. Buyers should pay attention to them when making a purchase. 14 cm folded; 67 cm open package dimensions: 15.3 * 4 * 4 cm


  • Brand Name: discount HEH
  • Compatible Brand: Blackberry
  • Charger: No
  • Magnetic: No
  • Use: Car
  • Has Speaker: No
  • Model Number: IED0093
  • Material: Plastic

14. Kingjoy King Joy Vt1500 Portable Lightweight Video/Camera Tripod Stand With Fluid Head – Black

The Yunteng VCT-880RM tripod is a well-built, portable, and reasonably priced professional camera tripod with a three-dimensional damping head. A built-in bubble level is provided to ensure level images. Also, the 90-degree vertical swivel ball head on the camera tripod allows for quick transitions from landscape to portrait mode. It is one of the best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.NYSC Portal


  • Tripod + 3-dimensional Damping Head Kit
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Plastic, Extend to 1460mm
  • Lightweight and portable, Very Steady Tripod
  • Detachable quick-release plate For quickly connecting to the camera or camcorder
  • Comes with a carrying bag

Price: ₦ 38,000

15. Andoer Mini Tabletop Tripod Phone Camera Tripod Removable

The tiny tripod is primarily constructed of high-quality ABS. Also, the tripod legs’ non-slip rubber bottoms assure steadiness. With 1/4″ screws, the ball head can be removed and installed on another tripod. Adjust the level angle adjusting knob to achieve the desired height for the 2-level adjustable working height.


  • The mini tripod is mainly made of high-quality ABS. Also, the non-slip rubber on the bottom of the tripod legs ensures stability.
  • Unique 2in1 design, the ball head can be removed and installed on another tripod with 1/4″ screws.
  • 2-level adjustable working height by adjusting the level angle adjusting knob to achieve the height you want.
  • With a 1/4″ mounting screw, suitable for a series of DSLR/mirrorless cameras, DV, action cameras, LED video lights, projector, webcam, and phone clamp with a 1/4″ screw hole.
  • Folded height is only 24cm, weight is 290g, very lightweight, max. load is 2KG.Easy operation.
  • The height of the tripod legs can be adjusted by pressing the red button. Working height from 13cm to 23cm.

Price: ₦ 47,700

16. Handheld self-timer lever-green

Stabilizer Smartphone stand Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick for iPhone Aluminum alloy tripod.



  • Mobile self lever
  • Material: Plastic
  • Configured for(Adaption):Smartphones
  • Folded Length (mm):138
  • Model Number: Mini Selfie Stick 02
  • Support Remote Control: No
  • Communication: Wired
  • Weight (g):100

Price: ₦ 16,829

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17.  Smartphone Clip Holder Stand Support

Clip universally applicable to smartphones ranging in width from 5.5 to 10.1 centimeters (2.1 to 3.9 inches) “. The manufacturer designs it to stand on its own. Also, you can place it on any flat surface, including the ground or a table. You can as well adjust the clip and rotate it over a full 360 degrees on the vertical axis. One-quarter of it “Both the stand and the clip feature a screw hole on the underside, allowing them to be placed on a tripod, slider, and other devices. In addition, it features a protective rubber coating and the manufacturer made it from a tough ABS material.Good Morning my love Messages


  • Universal clip suitable for most smartphones of width 5.5 ~10.1cm/2.1 ~ 3.9″.
  • You place the extendable design on a flat surface like a table or ground.
  • The clip is 360°rotatable on a vertical level, you can adjust it freely.
  • There is a 1/4″ screw hole on the bottom of the stand and clip, which can be mounted on a tripod, slider &, etc.
  • Made of hard and lightweight ABS, with protective rubber.
  • Universal clip suitable for most smartphones of width 5.5 ~10.1cm/2.1 ~ 3.9″.

18.  Handheld self-timer lever-White

Enjoy your shopping! We adhere to the business philosophy that places the customer first, provides customers with products of high quality and prices that are more favorable, and does everything in our power to select products that are satisfactory for you.


  • Mobile self lever
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Configured for(Adaption):Smartphones
  • Folded Length (mm):185
  • Model Number: H1
  • Support Remote Control: Yes
  • Communication: Bluetooth
  • Weight (g):180
  • Max Extended Length (mm):700
  • Package: Yes
  • For Android System: Android 4.3Or Above
  • For IOS System: IOS 5.1 Or Later
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Material: Aluminum+ ABS

Price: ₦ 30,614

19. Apexel APL-HD5SW 170° Super Wide Angle Lens For Dual Lens /

When you mount a 170 Degree super wide angle lens, also known as a fisheye lens, to your phone, you will immediately notice a significant difference in the quality of the image. Landscapes will appear even more expansive now that tight scenes won’t be cut off as they play out. It’s the ideal tool for improving the proportions of the images you upload. It is one of the best Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.Romantic Love Messages for her


  • Compatible with All Sing & Dual-camera Phones
  • Whole Screen No Dark Edge
  • Cinema Quality Glass
  • When to Use This Lens
  • Easy Use & Wide Compatibility

Price: ₦ 33,652

20. Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

The selfie monopod for mobile phones is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones. This selfie stick can be used for a variety of purposes, including live broadcasting and selfies. When you participate in activities outside, it is convenient to transport because it can be folded up. Because of its high level of extensibility, it can be utilized in a wide variety of contexts. The construction and craftsmanship of this selfie tripod are of the highest possible standard. It is one of the finest Tripods and Monopods in Nigeria.


  • Mobile self lever
  • Material: Plastic
  • Configured for(Adaption):Smartphones
  • Folded Length (mm):-
  • Model Number: Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Price: ₦ 17,672

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Conclusion (Tripods and Monopods)

The functions of tripods and monopods are similar, yet the two types of support structures offer very different advantages. A tripod offers greater stability, while a monopod allows for greater portability. When taking photos with a lengthy shutter speed or when working with small subjects, a tripod is essential. When photographing sports while on the move, a monopod is invaluable for keeping long lenses steady. You could require both fixedness and flexibility. In that situation, you can save money by purchasing a tripod that doubles as a monopod.JAMB Portal

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