4 Reasons why Nigerians Are Buying the New Olla Note3 Phone

Olla Note 3

Olla Note3 debuted in Nigeria in February 2023 and interest in it has already spread. At first, only a few persons bought the phone but after a week, conversation about the phone went up on social media particularly on Facebook and Nairaland and they were trailed by positive reviews with emphasis on how affordable the phone is compared to the value it offered.

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The phone is one of six smartphones released by Olla Mobile with the others being Olla V9Pro, Olla M8 Plus, Olla M8, Olla M1 Lite and Olla M6. So far, there phones have received positive reviews and acceptance in Nigeria but it seems the Olla Note3 leads the pack.

Aesthetically, the phone is beautiful and sleek making it a sensation among fashionable ladies. The pop-up selfie camera has added to the growing sensation around the phone.

We spoke with some people who have bought the phone already to tell us what they loved about the Olla Note3 and they had a lot to say. It was a struggle to narrow down their preference to just 4 which are identified below.

4 Reasons Reasons Nigerians Are Buying the New Olla Note3 Revealed

1. Camera:

Olla Note3 has a 16MP auto pop-up selfie camera that has redefined how we view selfies transforming it from just a fleeting personal photograph to a wholesome amazing activity. The phone also has a 16MP main back camera with a 2MP Bokeh to enhance picture and video experience. The quality of the pictures makes the phone highly desirable especially among students and social media enthusiasts.

2. Affordability

Many people do a double take when they hear that the price of Olla Note3 is N56,500 because it’s almost unbelievable that a smartphone with so much qualities can be sold at that price. The fact that the phone costs so less and offers much more is the reason it is the best affordable phone of the year as no other phone at that price can deliver on all levels as the Olla Note3.

3. Screen

Olla Nte3 comes with a 6.53 HD+ 2.5D screen size with a 19:9 aspect ratio.  With a 90.3% screen-to-body ratio, the phone provides ultra-view experience. Watching sport shows or movies provides a cinematic experience. Also, those who love video games can get to enjoy the experience from a wider screen angle.

4. Performance

Olla Note3 has a 2.0GHz Octa Core processor so you can be guaranteed that the phone will not lag when you are using it for multiple tasks. Up to 10 apps can be opened and used at the same time without any problem. Also several tasks can be attended to on the phone seamlessly with guarantee of efficiency. It’s the ideal phone for work and play.



Network: 4G

CPU: 2.0GHz octa core

OS: Android 9

Screen Size: 6.35HD+ 2.5D

Rear Camera: 16MP + 2MP

Selfie Camera: 16MP

Storage: 4GB + 64GB

SIM Card: Dual SIM

Battery: 3300mAh

Other: Fingerprint & Face unlock

Price: N56,500

You can purchase Olla Note3 on Jumia, Finet and other mobile retail stores nationwide.


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