5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need

The following information is really vital for those who just bought the latest Nintendo Switch recently. You get to enjoy your handheld console better if you have some extras to accompany the fun.

Take note that as a cute mobile and home console, Switch, when used alongside other accessories can make you play games longer, better, and even give you access to more games. What’s more, some of these accessories are good for the Nintendo Switch Lite as well.

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AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need
Amfilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This accessory is very good because you may need to take the Switch with you to places you go at times. That means more handling, more use, and the screen could be damaged in small ways to great. So, you need to protect the screen with a protector that’s formidable enough to stand dust, rain, and tough touch. If you have the Switch TV Dock, this AmFilm protector can also protect the Dock from scratching for a long time.

Orzly Carry Case

5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need
Orzly Carry Case

You will definitely need a case to move your Switch and accessories around. This case makes real sense in making sure that everything is secured in case the going gets tough. Many Switch owners pick this case because they realize that it is best for a good organization when you have a plethora of things to lock up inside on compact space.

HyperDrive 60W USB-C Hub

5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need
Hyperdrive 60w Usb C Hub

This accessory is perfect for battery and TV Dock altogether. It is definitely more than just a power dock because it could replace the Nintendo Switch dock entirely, although it is smaller. It is just a fraction of the size of the Switch dock, actually. But it can be used to power big items and provide HGMI output for any USB-C device such as a smartphone or a tablet. It comes in handy in several ways. As a dongle, you could use it in many ways.

Switch Pro Controller

5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This is a good gadget for pro gamers. Pro gamers like to do their stuff for hours and there are a few accessories that can help them to do so. This Nintendo Switch controller really helps because it’s comfortable to hold. A pro wouldn’t get tired even after several hours of holding it. The second thing it is good for is the reliable tap. If you’re really a pro, you can’t miss the tap. The accessory comes with obvious face buttons, and colored grips. The Switch Pro Controller registers as one of the best of its kind when used on any console.

Nintendo Joy-Cons

5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need
Joy Cons

Get this for extra joy. Surely, every player who knows about joy-cons knows what it is like to have them. Spare Joy-Cons will let you play four-player Mario Kart or ARMS anytime you wish. Don’t worry, if you have to move around, for they’re small and comfy enough to take you when you need to get off the sofa. You also have a wrist strap with it which means that in due course, you can start treating them as part of your body.


These are some of the best must-have Nintendo Switch accessories you need. There are others like TFY Car Headrest, Bionik Power Bag, Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter, and so on. Try to check out what accessories will make playing your games a better experience.

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