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A good rendering program is one that gives you good results in terms of visualization. For example, it may be that in your architectural design, it occurs to you to go through virtually all areas in a minimum of 3 days, or to make a detailed photo realistic render in a time of 8 days. In this post we will show you the 5 best rendering programs.

There are various situations that we can run into, and precisely those differences are what these programs bring us. In this sense, it is necessary to choose the one that most meets what we need: quality, photorealism, speed, ease of use, etc.

You should also know that rendering has been the term used in computing to generate a photo realistic image from a 3D program. That is, in the rendering process, the program interprets the scenes in three dimensions and projects them in a 2D image.

Here are the 5 programs for you to choose the one that best suits your needs:

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  • Programs to render
    • Cinema 4D
    • Revit
    • Sketchup
    • Lumion
    • 3Ds Max

Programs to render

Cinema 4D

The first of the rendering programs to add to the list is Cinema 4D. It is a very balanced program, that is, it does not present any functionality that stands out more than others. As for what photo realism is, the difficulty of operating it and the speed, it can be said that it is of an intermediate level.

The best results are obtained in animations, rather than in fixed renders. In recent years this 3D modeling software has gained popularity from users. In addition, it has a wide use in the field of advertising and television. With Cinema 4D you will be able to complex high quality content, which is also intuitive. If you want to become a 3D artist, professionals advise Cinema 4D .

The software presents a feature called MoGraph, which is a group of tools with which you can make motion graphics in a very simple way. Also with its features you can: add effects, clone objects and create movements easily and quickly.

Graphic designers consider it one of their best tools because it has CINEWARE that manages to integrate 3D scenes from the program itself to After Effects. This software can be used by both beginners and experts. In addition, together with After Effects, they represent the perfect package for motion graphics artists.

Download | Cinema 4D


Revit is another rendering program on the software market. With this BIM modeling software it is easy to make your project designs and work processes. Also, something very prominent in Revit is that everything is modeled by smart objects.

With Revit you will be able to virtually build your designs in 3D . For example, you can virtually build based on a set of walls, windows, various materials, doors, etc. In addition, you will not have problems with storing your entire project, because for that it has a relational database that is always coordinated, showing the latest version with which you have worked.

Among the features that this great tool presents are:

  • Prepare a project from scratch.
  • Make changes to the project.
  • Represent several project phases in the same file, energy simulations, etc.
  • It allows not only to place elements inside it, but also makes calculations of the areas.
  • It has a series of tools that serve to achieve milestones.
  • It presents its own functionalities for all disciplines, which is why collaborative work is encouraged.
  • Realistically visualize the entire work.

Download | Revit


Sketchup is a good modeling program that will give you speed , it is very intuitive and it is also light , so you will not need a PC with great features for its installation. This software is widely used for its ease of use, however, so that you can work on rendering you must download its plugin: V-Ray.

When the plugin is integrated into the program, it is possible to work perfectly with the rendering with a spectacular quality. In addition, with V-Ray you can apply rendering to your 3D modeling projects, simply and efficiently.

Download | Sketchup


Lumion is a software that has advantages of rendering speed and virtual tours . Its rendering system is different from other programs so it is faster. In addition, with this program only scenes are set (no modeling) for rendering. These modeling changes can be made in other programs such as Sketchup, Revit or 3D Max.

On the other hand, with Lumion you can get virtual tours at high speed and of good quality. For this program to work optimally it must have a minimum of 16 Gb RAM and a 4 Gb graphics card.

Among the features Lumion offers are:

  • Scenarios can be modeled in what professionals and architects call “terrain modeler”.
  • The scenarios can vary as we want. For example, from a pool, a swimming pool, outdoors, natural environments, indoors, etc.
  • It has an environment very similar to the video game ” SimCity “, but in this case the scenarios instead of being created in different climates will be that of your architectural project.

Download | Lumion

3Ds Max

3Ds Max is another of the rendering programs, with which you can create 3D models, digital images and animations. In addition, it is a modeling, 3D rendering and animation software, with it you can view games and designs. The program is popular in the graphics industry because it is very complete in terms of 3D tools.

Without a doubt, it is the favorite program among video game developers , architects and commercial studios. With this program you can create very realistic and detailed worlds. You can also customize building environments, create massive game worlds, animate individual characters, and develop scenes where there are many people.

On the other hand, with 3Ds Max you can animate liquid physical properties (oil, lava and water), it has animation controllers that can be created, modified and shared. In addition, it is a software that also serves to design buildings, constructions and infrastructure.

Download | 3Ds Max

These are the best programs for renders. If you want speed , the program that suit is you  Lumion , if you need to be of excellent  quality , 3ds Max is for you , if what you want is  speed and control  on modeling, Revit  and if you want an easy to handle  then use  Sketchup  or  Cinema 4D


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