5 best programs to repair hard drives

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Nowadays there are many free programs to repair hard disk, these can help you to recover the disk drive, deleted files or repair the drive that is damaged. In this post we will talk about the 5 best programs to repair hard drives.

Recovering a hard drive is essential for anyone because we generally work with data, important files that we have stored and that we cannot lose. However, sometimes this storage device fails or gets damaged, so we lose those files. It also happens when we accidentally delete those files and can’t find a way to get them back.

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  • Programs to repair hard drives
    • WinDirStat
    • Programs to repair hard drives: TestDisk
    • Clonezilla
    • OSFMount
    • VeraCrypt

Programs to repair hard drives


WinDirStat is one of the hard drive repair programs that analyzes the available space on a hard drive, verifies the information to find out what is occupying the space on the hard drive, flash drive or external hard drive. In addition, this program not only tells you how much space your hard drive has available, it also provides you with commands to manually clean and delete data and files that you no longer want.

It has a very complete graphical environment, with three main views that you can remove or place whenever you want. In addition, it has some outstanding features and functions:

  • Shows files with associated colors.
  • It has a view called TreeMap with which you can select the file and know where it is located.
  • It is an OpenSource tool.
  • You can view your files directly from the program or open them from a Windows Explorer window.
  • It has support for a large number of hard drives.
  • Create script to perform file cleaning.
  • Removal of temporary or old files can be scheduled.
  • It has two types of deletions: send to the Recycle Bin or delete completely.

Download | WinDirStat

Programs to repair hard drives: TestDisk

TestDisk software is a free license ( OpenSource ) that is used to recover data from your hard drive. At first it was created in order to recover lost partitions and transform non-bootable disks to bootable ones, when the damage is generated by faulty software. Among the features that this program presents are the following:

  • Recover deleted partitions and fix partition tables.
  • Rebuilds file systems like FAT AND NTFS.
  • Recovers NTFS system boot sectors.
  • Copy files from systems like FAT and NTFS that have been deleted.

On the other hand, this program offers features for both beginners and experts. In addition, with TestDisk you get detailed information about a disk that is failing or that is no longer working for you. With this useful tool you will be able to recover data from your hard drive on site.

Download | TestDisk


The Clonezilla application is free, license-free, and is used for creating images or cloning a hard drive (from a CD or from a USB device). In addition, this program has other functions, apart from cloning, it can make a backup from a disk image or a partition.

With Clonezilla Live for Linux you can clone individual terminals and with the SE version you can install and configure under a Linux platform, with which you can send images to several clients over the network simultaneously. Among the characteristics it possesses:

  • Supports various types of files ( FAT, ext3, ext4, NTFS , etc.).
  • Support through console.
  • OpenSource license (open source).
  • You can restore multiple images to multiple computers.
  • The image can be located on the local disk, samba server, ssh or an NFS server.

Download | Clonezilla


With the OSFMount program you can mount an image as a drive letter and then view all files directly. Meanwhile, OSFMount supports various types of image files , including: DD, ISO, BIN, VMDK, and NRG. Also with a good feature that is its ability to create RAM disks, in case you want additional security.

Among the features of this tool:

  • Is light.
  • Good interface.
  • It has support for creating RAM disks.
  • OSForensics support .

Download | OSFMount


The VeraCrypt software is free, open source, it is used to enable the encryption of the hard disk that the PC has Windows installed (versions 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP ). To use this useful tool it is not difficult, if you want to configure it, what you have to do is enter the encrypted password every time you start your computer. Among the most outstanding features of this program are:

  • In a simple file you can create virtual encrypted disks.
  • Apply encryption on devices such as: USB, SD card and hard drives.
  • Under Windows environment, encryption can be applied both to a partition and to the hard disk itself.
  • You can create a kind of “hidden” volume to prevent intruders who want to plagiarize the password.

Download | VeraCrypt

You have already noticed the various tools that are available to repair hard drive. We can advise you on Clonezilla, which has a number of advantages over others such as: it creates an exact image of a hard drive, it is fast, it can be played on several computers at the same time, and it is compatible with various file formats.


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