6 Educational Apps For Kids

6 Educational Apps For Kids

6 Educational Apps For Kids6 Educational Apps For Kids



These apps will bring out the best in the little ones while they have fun and learn.

The smallest of the house come into contact with new technologies very soon. Smartphones, tablets and computers surround them , some of them spend hours and hours in front of the screens. However, not everything has to be bad.


You can take advantage of the interest of children in the digital world if we choose properly the applications they use. We will talk about it, as we come with a selection of perfect apps to have fun learning .

Drawing apps to entertain children at home

An attractive and very funny application.

What child does not like to draw? It can be one of the most fun tasks for little ones, and it hasn’t been limited to paper in a long time. There are applications that can open up a world of possibilities .

One of the most popular is Kids Doodle , totally free. Children will have the possibility to make all kinds of surprising drawings thanks to a wide variety of magic pencils . Aerosols, neon effects and even fireworks.

Play Store | Kids doodle

Another application that we want to highlight is WeDraw , focused on the world of cartoons . It will attract your attention, the little ones can learn to draw their favorite characters in a simple way.

Play Store | WeDraw

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Recipe apps for kids

Some good eating habits are essential for a healthy life and grow properly. Why not instill it in children from a young age? In the different application stores we find free recipe applications that can help you do this.

Hatcook is a free application that has more than 10,000 recipes . They are ordered by difficulty, it is perfect for the little ones to take their first steps in the kitchen , learning while discovering a multitude of dishes.

Play Store | Hatcook

As its name suggests, Healthy Recipes –healthy recipes in Spanish– contains thousands of dishes that have a common denominator, they are beneficial for our health . Children will have the possibility to learn to cook all kinds of healthy dishes .

Play Store | Healthy Recipes

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Apps for children to exercise at home

Like food, physical exercise is one of the best tools to keep our bodies healthy and having good habits from a young age can help us lead a better life.

Some applications can be our guide while we exercise with children . An example is Yoga for children and family fitness, with simple exercises to do as a family .

Play Store | Yoga for kids and family fitness

Dancing is a fun way to exercise and with Just Dance Now the little ones will have a great time. It includes more than 500 songs in a catalog full of hits that we hear every day on the radio.

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