6 Most Scary Technology in the World if Misused

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In modern times where technology is developing very fast, technology has finally influenced human life. There is even the most terrifying technology in the world that can be misused for crime.Yup, besides having a good side, misuse of technology will also make it a frightening object, if it is used by the wrong party and for irresponsible interests.

6 Most Scary Technology in the World if Misused

Then, what are the 6 scariest technologies in the world like? The following is an explanation of 6 of them.

Face scanning technology in smartphones

Face Scanning Technology In Smartphones
Face Scanning Technology In Smartphones

Face detection technology on smartphones actually has a good impact, for example for a better level of security, and of course, it can be faster when opening a locked smartphone. However, you also have to think broadly before you really want to use this technology.

According to Brad Smith, the current president of Microsoft, the facial scanning system on smartphones is considered to have more capability than government surveillance in certain countries.

This threatens someone’s privacy, and even worse, when the data about your face is obtained by someone who is not responsible, there is a risk of being misused for personal gain.

Human nerve control technology

Human Nerve Control Technology
Human Nerve Control Technology

Today’s sophisticated technology cannot regulate nerves optimally. However, it is possible that there will be technology in the future capable of enhancing and controlling the human mind.

This will be very scary, considering when we are able to control the mind, then someone can “enter” into the human mind, which can create ideas and thoughts that do not come from that person.

Finally, this makes us unable to distinguish between the results of our subconscious thoughts and the results of the manipulation of other people’s thoughts.

Technology to “distance” parents from their children

Technologies That Protect Children
Technologies That Protect Children

When you are in a crowd, try to pay attention to some of the parents who are just like that when they are absorbed in watching their smartphone instead of looking at their children. This is dangerous, especially for children under five who still don’t understand what can and should not be done.

In the end, the relationship between parents and children will be reduced, and even the child may think that the parents do not care about their existence. Plus, the research results of Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D. from Temple University showed that 74% of school principals complained about their worries because of children’s emotional changes due to the use of gadgets.

Effect of safety at the hospital

Effect Of Safety At The Hospital

The interest in technology research to improve safety in hospitals does not always have a positive impact. Call it Joshua Corman, a cybersecurity strategist who tried to gather several volunteers to do security research.

However, not a positive result could be obtained, instead, he slowly killed his patients. It’s not killing directly, but through hacking simulations with expert doctors.

It is said to kill because the research team will turn off some important equipment that is important before any real “damage” occurs to the patient’s organs. Indeed, what Joshua Corman did was a simulation, but if it really happened in real life, there would certainly be many casualties.

National security issues

National Security Issues

The next frightening sophisticated technology is related to the security of a country. Try to imagine if a state secret is exposed because of technology, it is certain that the state will suffer losses, both directly and indirectly.

That means sophisticated technology must be in place and used for the right thing. The misuse of technology that can reveal a state’s secret will lead to divisions, and will not rule out a conflict between the two countries that are included in this “case”.

Technology that affects a person’s ethics

Technology That Affects A Persons Ethics
Technology That Affects A Person’s Ethics

Technology has indeed influenced all aspects of human life, and this sophisticated technology will actually be frightening and have the potential to influence a person’s personality, behavior, and ethics.

The prolonged use of technology such as smartphones will trigger someone to be indifferent to the situation around them. In fact, as a human being who is a social being, you need to interact and talk directly with other people.

These are the 6 scariest technologies in the world if misused. As a wise user, be smart in regulating the use of technology and use existing technology wisely!
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