6 Optical Illusion Apps So Good They Look Like Magic

6 Optical Illusion Apps So Good They Look Like Magic

6 Optical Illusion Apps So Good They Look Like Magic6 Optical Illusion Apps So Good They Look Like Magic


Doing magic with your mobile phone is possible thanks to these optical illusion apps that you must try.

The optical illusions are a phenomenon consisting of an erroneous visual perception of shape, size or color of an object. They are usually used to deceive, in a good way, people’s minds, an action that you can perform directly from your mobile phone with these 6 apps so good they seem like magic .

If you are a fan of amazing optical illusions, which are really difficult to fool, you should try the 3D optical illusion apps that we offer below that you can install on your Android device to do magic. They are really easy optical illusions but they have effects capable of hypnotizing and confusing the mind .

Also, if you like to try new applications for your mobile devices, do not hesitate to take a look at this list with the best secret chat apps that delete your messages or this one with the best applications for tablets . Here are the 6 optical illusion apps so good they seem like magic .


Incredible optical illusions on your mobile with the best apps

Optical illusion

Optical illusion is one of the highest rated optical illusion apps, and you can try it totally free . An app that allows the user to go through various effects, most of them visual and some physical, in which objects appear to move and rotate in different positions. Optical illusions suitable for all ages, even for children, and with which to have a good time with the family.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Illusions of the mind

Illusions of the mind, another app that you must try.

Illusions of the mind stands out for having a complete collection of optical illusions with a description of each illusion. Some illusions that serve to deceive the brain through sight and that have different types of optical illusions , such as geometric, color, ambiguous, movement and illusory contours illusions, among others.

Illusions of the brain
Illusions of the brain
Developer: mikdroid
Price: Free

Mesmer super illusion

Super Illusion Mesmer is free to download for Android.

Hypnotist super illusion is an application that helps to fool the eyes and that you can install completely free on your Android device. An app translated into more than 90 languages ​​and that has several optical illusions that will make it possible to hypnotize your friends or family, and observe their funny reactions. Of course, this application uses stroboscopic images; so if you are sensitive to flashing lights, it is not recommended to use it.

Download Super Illusion Mesmer for Android

Optical Illusions Hidden Objects Mind Games

Optical Illusions Hidden Objects Brain Games is a free application that serves to test our visual perception with the images of optical illusions while searching and finding hidden objects in many fantastic images. A brain game, to think, that has different optical illusions and that will make you exercise both your mind and your eyesight.

Download Optical Illusions Hidden Objects Mind Games for Android

Optical Illusions – Hypnotic Spiral

Optical illusions – hypnotic spiral, another interesting app to do magic.

Optical Illusions – Hypnotic Spiral is a moving optical illusions app with which you can see how things really move silently for a few seconds. Animated optical illusions can be used to trick the eyes for a few seconds after they have been looking at the animation, and the game contains several different types of optical illusions. Of course, this app is not designed for children or people prone to motion sickness.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Download Optical Illusions – Hypnotic Spiral for Android

Сolor Optical illusion

Сolor Optical illusion completes the list of optical illusion apps that you should try.

Сolor Optical illusion is an application that can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge. This is a fun game with which the user can create optical illusions that will show that the objects around them are deformed in various ways , depending on the chosen illusion.

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