After 16 Years: 2K Teaming Up with NFL to Make Video Games

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NFL 2k Match

Publisher 2K which is well known for making NBA 2K games and recently the WWE 2K franchise has announced a partnership with NFL to make a series of football games. According to a press release from 2K, the first NFL 2K game will be coming out in 2023 and the “titles are already in early development”.

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This announcement comes after NFL and publisher 2k had their last game together in 2004, which is the NFL 2K5; 16 years on. The two franchise began their partnership in 1999 but NFL announced an exclusive partnership with EA for its Madden series after it severed ties with 2k.

The NFL 2K games will differ from EA’s Madden series with the football titles announced as “non-simulation”. This is signalling towards an arcade-style gaming leaving the real football experience in EA’s hands.

Reacting to the story, EA assured fans on its Madden series putting out a statement which reads,

EA Sports is the exclusive publisher of NFL simulation games, and our partnership with the NFL and NFLPA remains unchanged. Our agreements have always allowed for non-exclusive development of non-simulation games on various platforms. Our commitment to NFL fans, which spans almost 30 years, has never been stronger, and we’re having our biggest year yet. Madden NFL 20 is the most successful game ever in the franchise, and new modes like superstar KO and our Madden NFL esports broadcasts are growing the fan base. We’ll be building on that momentum with more new and different experiences, on more platforms and with new ways to play, in the years to come.”

On the partnership with NFL, 2K President David Ismailer put out a press statement, “The NFL is one of the most successful sports brands in the world, known for creating incredible entertainment for fans. We’re thrilled to be back in business with the NFL in a partnership that will span multiple video games centered on fun, approachable and social experiences. It’s exciting to bring together 2K’s expertise in creating award-winning sports games with the NFL’s renowned status as a world-class entertainment and sports organization.”

NFL Senior Vice President of Consumer Products Joe Ruggiero it plans to expand the franchise hence the reason for agreeing a partnership with 2K. “Expanding the NFL’s presence in the world of gaming has become a focus for the League as we look to grow the next generation of our fanbase and reviving our partnership with 2K was a natural step in that effort. 2K is a worldwide leader in sports video games, with a proven track record of creating best-in-class and award-winning games and we look forward to sharing more about the projects we are working on with them in the future,” says Joe.


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