After 7 years, Google “prioritizing indexing of UA websites on mobile platforms” has been officially completed

Google began to carry out the “Mobile-First Indexing” project in 2016, that is, “the Google search engine will crawl the mobile platform UA page of the website by default, index and index the mobile version of the website Ranking ” , this project has been officially completed and took a total of 7 years .


However, NaijaTechNews found that this index change project has been delayed several times. In early March 2024, Google announced that it would extend the deadline for “switching all website search results to mobile UA index” to September 2024, and then in 2024 In July 2024, Google once again postponed the deadline to March 2024, but Google did not finally complete the related projects until 2023.

Google also stated that a small number of websites cannot run on mobile devices at all, and some websites are  blocked by robots.txt  . For these websites, Google will continue to try to use the traditional desktop version of UA to crawl website information .

Starting in 2015, Google searches began to focus more and more on mobile devices. In 2016, we began a mobile-first indexing project. This allows Google Search to default to indexing content that users would see if they visited a website on their mobile phone.

This is a major change for Google’s infrastructure, but it’s also a major change for the public network.

Traffic on mobile platforms has continued to grow over the years, and in some areas people access the internet almost exclusively on their phones.

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