After the Tesla 4680 battery was released, Musk: A few months ago, the actual vehicle test began, but mass production is difficult

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On September 28, according to foreign media reports, at last week’s “Battery Day” event, Tesla launched a brand new battery 4680, which will help increase the battery life of electric vehicles and reduce costs.

On Saturday, local time, Musk, who is active on social media, revealed that this battery has been used for real car testing a few months ago .

Musk revealed that the 4680 battery has begun to be used in real car testing during fan interaction. Among the CEOs of large companies, Musk is very active on social media, often directly posting or in interaction with fans, revealing product information of the two companies for which he serves as CEO.

On Saturday, local time, in response to a fan’s question about cathode material strategy and suppliers, Musk said that the 4680 battery was actually installed in the car a few months ago. They may not have made it clear at the press conference. . Musk also revealed that a prototype car equipped with 4680 batteries is already being tested, but mass production is still difficult.

The Tesla 4680 battery, which was revealed by CEO Musk and the vice president of technology Drew Baglino (Drew Baglino) at last week’s “Battery Day” event, and is currently being piloted in Fremont factory produced.

The newly launched 4680 battery is 80 mm long, has a 500% increase in energy density, a 600% increase in output power, a 16% increase in cruising range, and a 14% reduction in cost.

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