Ahead of Galaxy S23 launch, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra tipped to get 150x zoom camera

According to leaker RGclouds on Twitter, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will house a telephoto camera with “Gen4” optics and an aperture between F2.5 and F.9. With this, the smartphone would be able to capture images with 150x zoom, a sizeable boost from the Galaxy S22’s 100x Space Zoom. However, what’s more interesting is that the leaker suggests this telephoto camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra might have variable zoom capability, but the tipster isn’t completely sure about this yet.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to be on par with Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra?

Besides this, the tipster also suggests the telephoto camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, although with significantly better-zooming capability than its predecessors, would be only as good as the one on the Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra when released. This would also mean that Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship could have come with impressive telephoto camera hardware, but we will have to wait until its debut at MWC 2023 to know for sure. If true, this could be Xiaomi’s ultra-sharp plan to spoil Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra sales.

Previous leaks suggest that Samsung will ship the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a brand-new 200MP camera sensor and retail the other sensors of the S22 Ultra on its successor. Furthermore, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with the same 200MP shooter as its predecessor, but this time, Samsung will refresh the other camera sensors on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.