Airtel Data Deal: How To Activate 1.5GB on Airtel With N25 Fast Easy And Convenient (Not Cheat)

In our world of today where the Internet is everything and purchasing has been a thorn in the flesh for most of us here in Nigeria, it is only thoughtful and wise that many Nigerians seeks for the best and cheaper data purchase rate among network providers such as MTN, GLO, and . It is with this that we will tell you how to activate the Airtel night plan of 25 naira for 1.5gig data.

Like many network providers, Airtel gives the best data rate charge you can get to surf and browse your favourite social media handles and also download songs and movies.

Here is how to activate the 25 naira for 1.5gig data night plan from 12 AM to 5 AM.

Step 1: On your mobile, dial *312# then you send.

Step 2: Click on the 3 options that pops out which says “Night browsing (25 naira for 250mb. Valid 12 AM – 5 AM)

Step 3: After clicking the options 3 that pop up in step 2 it will respond by telling you that your night plan purchase is successful.

Now to make it your 250mb reach 1.5gig all you simply need to do is to redo the process you used in getting the 250mb again. Redo it 5 times and you will get 250mb 5 times. 250mb 5 times will give you 1.5gig data.

Note: please, make sure you have up to 125 naira on your Airtel line when you want to perform this night plan bundle.