Airtel Nigeria Data Plan, Price and Activation codes

Airtel Nigeria Data Plan, Price and Activation codes
Airtel Nigeria Data Plan, Price and Activation codes

Airtel Nigeria Data Plan, Price and Activation codes. This post contains the list of all Airtel Nigeria latest data plan, Airtel Data Pack, Bundles, subscription codes and prices regularly refreshed. This list is needed to be able to use Airtel Nigeria Data Bundle instead of browsing the internet; All the Airtel Data Plan are available here.

Airtel Nigeria is one of the largest and best mobile networks in Nigeria and it offers competitive data plans and bonuses compared to other Nigerian networks. Airtel has an extensive range of internet bundles which are classified into daily plans, weekly, monthly and yearly data plan/bundles. Also available in 4G network.

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans A3 TCH WORLD

This list covers recent Airtel Nigeria data plan and bundles, including any form of improvements by Airtel. The Airtel bundles can be used on Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, iPhones, Ipads, Macbooks, laptops, desktops PCs and other smart devices, including smart TVs.

Airtel Nigeria Daily Data Plans

These Airtel Nigeria daily data plans are specially made for everyone using Airtel Nigeria plan mobile network, but especially for those that are used to browse the internet on a limited basis. For light users, you can easily make use of the below data plan for your Android or iOS devices.

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N5040MB1 Day*141*50#
N100100MB1 Day*141*100#
N200200MB3 Days*141*200#
N3001GB1 Day*141*354#
N5002GB2 Day*141*504#

Airtel Nigeria Weekly Data Plan

These Airtel Nigeria daily data plans are specially made for everyone Airtel mobile network. Thes Airtel data plans only last for a period of 7 days or 14 days. You can easily make use of the below data plan for your Android or iOS devices.

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
N300350MB7 Days*141*300#
N500750MB14 Days*141*500#
N5001GB7 Days*141*502#
N15006GB7 Days*141*1504#

Airtel Nigeria Monthly Data Plans

The below list consists of Airtel Nigeria internet data plan is valid for 30 days. These Airtel data plans begin from N1000 upwards. In order to get the below Airtel data plan working, you have to have enough airtime and dial any of the following codes for the data plan of your choice:

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD CODE
N1,0001.5GB30 Days*141*1000#
N1,2002GB30 Days*141*1200#
N1,5003GB30 Days*141*1500#
N2,0004.5GB30 Days*141*2000#
N2,5006GB30 Days*141*2500#
N3,0008GB30 Days*141*3000#
N4,00011GB30 Days*141*4000#

Airtel Nigeria Social Data Plan

Airtel Nigeria Social Data Plan a3techworld

The Airtel Nigeria social data plan gives customers a bonus on data for some social media apps. Gives users a specific amount of data to access social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

N2520MB1 Day*948*4#This plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only.
N5040MB1 Day*991*4#Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp
N100200MB5 Days*688*3#Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp
N300700MB25 Days*688*1#Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp

Airtel Nigeria Instagram Bundles

The Airtel Nigeria Instagram data plan is strictly for Instagram and won’t work for any other thing.

PricePlanValidityUSSD Code
N100250MB1 Day*141*105#
N2001GB1 Day*141*205#

Airtel Nigeria Facebook & Whatsapp Bundles

The Airtel Nigeria Facebook and WhatsApp data plan promo give customers a cheaper way to stay connected to Facebook and WhatsApp. To cancel auto-renew for Airtel Nigeria Facebook and WhatsApp data plan bundle, simply input the USSD code of your current plan and add ” *1 “ before the #. for example to cancel the auto-renew for Facebook and WhatsApp daily data plan, simply dial *141*254*1#.

BundlePriceData MBValidityUSSD Code
DailyN251001 Day*141*254#
WeeklyN502007 Days*141*54#
MonthlyN10050030 Days*141*104#

Airtel Nigeria Mega Data Plans

This Airtel Nigeria data plan set is for heavy internet users. Only if you have the money, some of the plans are quite costly but is said to be worth it. This data plan is mainly to enjoy Streaming, Downloads etc on your device or across multiple devices without worrying too much about your data. These Airtel data plans are the right ones for you.

PriceData VolumeBundle Validity(Days)USSD Code

How to Activate Internet Browsing on Airtel Nigeria

To get Glo Nigeria 4G/3G/3.5G/GPRS settings, you can simply send a text “INTERNET ” to 232 to get the automatic configuration file, it is free of charge, save the settings immediately you get it and you’re good to go. To configure your device manually in Access Point settings on your phone. Use the settings information below:

Airtel Internet settings

  • For Name put Airtel NG
  • In the Access point name type:
  • For Username just type: wap
  • And for Password put: wap

How to configure Airtel Nigeria internet settings for Android

  1. GO Setting –> Wireless and Network –> Mobile Networks –> Access Point
  2. Pick Create New APN
  3. The pick Go Menu –> New APN
  4. For Name put Airtel
  5. In APN type AirtelLive
  6. For Proxy type
  7. For Port type 8080
  8. MCC: 413
  9. MNC: 05
  10. For Authentication Type put None

Airtel Nigeria Data Plan FAQs

How to subscribe to Airtel Data Plan?

Simply dial *141# to view all the available bundle types.

How to check Airtel Data balance?

You will be able to check the data balance of your Airtel data plan by:
USSD: Dialling *140#

How to Borrow Data on Airtel?

You can easily borrow data on Airtel Nigeria by dialling *500# and following the menu options.

How to cancel auto renew on Airtel?

you will be able to cancel auto-renewal on your plan anytime by:
texting “STOP” to 141 

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