Android 11 is coming, realme X50 Pro 5G pushes realme UI2.0 public beta

According to netizens’ delivery, has now launched the based on

The volume of this update package is 4.07GB, which fixes some known problems and improves the qualitativeness of the system. The specific repair content is shown in the figure.

According to feedback from realme community netizens, this version may have some problems , such as significantly slower charging, metaphysical problems in high-performance mode, frequent frame drops and delays in the King of Glory, unreasonable use of 5G storage, and significant reduction in running scores. New features, personalized settings, small windows, animation optimization, etc. can also significantly improve the experience.


According to the official adaptation announcement, the adaptation progress of the realme early adopter version is as follows, the public beta version and stable version are unknown:

September 2020: Real Me X50 Pro, Real Me X50 Pro Player Edition

November 2020: Real Me X7 Pro

December 2020: Realme Q2 Pro, Realme X7, Realme X2 Pro

January 2021: Realme Q2, Realme V5, Realme X2, Realme X50/X50m

The second quarter of 2021: realme Q, realme X, realme X Youth Edition


Naijatechnews has reported that the OPPO Find X2 series of realme friends has received the official version of the new ColorOS 11 based on Android 11, or that OPPO has begun to adapt to Android 11.