Android Auto New Update fixes serious error

Google can quickly roll out a necessary bug fix update for Android Auto.In the past few days, at least one thread in the Google forum about serious problems with Android Auto has literally exploded. Now an employee of the Google community has reported good news about the concerns of the numerous users.

As a reminder: In a short time, more and more active users of Android Auto have reportedthat they could no longer use the system. As a rule, there was an error message that the connected smartphone was not compatible. Which is of course total nonsense, especially if the device worked perfectly beforehand.

Android Auto will receive urgently needed bug fix update in the coming days

Last weekend, the community supervisor announced that the Android Auto developers were able to find the error. It gets even better. They are already rolling out a bug fix update. It should take a few days until every user can actually be reached.

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Unfortunately, the Google people do not reveal which app version contains the bug fix. Or whether you can even roll out the fix server-side without having to update the entire app. As the affected user, you’ll just have to wait a few more days and hope.

It is unclear which version brings the fix

Version 7.8 of Android Auto was probably affected for most of them. That’s already a few weeks old, because the final version 8.0 has long been available and the 8.1 beta has already appeared . That makes things a bit silly when it comes to info about what caused it and where the bug fix is ​​included.

Let us know in the comments if you are one of the affected users. And if the error is gone, you are welcome to tell us which app version is installed on your device. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck that the bug fix will be there for you quickly and that it actually works.

Android Auto: The new version can be downloaded in two ways

You can get the latest version of Android Auto directly from the  Google Play Store  (also applies to the beta) or a whole lot faster via the so-called  Apkmirror .

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