Apple AirPods new repair tool is online: it can be distinguished from dirt blockage or malfunction

It is said that Apple has begun to introduce a tool to Apple retail stores that can conduct preliminary tests on AirPods before full repairs. This tool can determine whether the deterioration of the headset sound quality is a real fault or caused by dirt. Caused by accumulation.

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A common problem encountered by users of personal audio equipment is the loss of sound quality or volume over time. Although it is possible that the hardware is malfunctioning, it is also possible that the earphone is affected by dirt blocking the airway. The feasible solution is to solve it by cleaning.

The whistleblower choco_bit said on Twitter that Apple will provide a new audio test tool for AirPods, which can quickly find out whether the problem is related to excessive dirt on the earphones or is really malfunctioning. understands that the shape of the tool is a tray slightly larger than the iPhone, and the iPhone can be placed. At the bottom of the tray is a part positioned near the microphone of the iPhone, designed to place AirPods in a specific way, aligning the earphone speaker with the iPhone microphone. The test sound played by AirPods will be received by a nearby iPhone microphone, and the possible cause of the sound problem can be determined.

The post on Twitter stated that this tray works similarly to the “existing iPhone audio test” and is compatible with AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Although this tool looks simple in construction, it may be a 3D printed AirPods holder, but as a non-consumer diagnostic tool, its appearance and structure are not important, and the relatively low production volume also makes it a 3D The printer makes a very suitable choice.

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