Apple Folding Screen Smartphone Should Solve The Screen Cracking Issue


All the latest reports from market research firms prove that the market of folding screen smartphones will grow in the next few years. After this statement, we can make some conclusions. First, the tech is already mature, and many companies can use it. Second, we will see more and more brands bringing in such models. Third, phones with this form factor will get cheaper. Fourth, we will see the first Apple folding screen device. You know that the Cupertino-based company never uses immature tech. But it seems that Apple has already solved the issue related to cracking folding screen smartphones.

Apple Folding Screen Smartphone Is Much Closer Than You Think

Not long ago, the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) revealed that Apple had got another patent related to folding screens.

In the patent description, Apple talked about the biggest concern of consumers buying foldable devices. It pointed out that after a period of daily use, the screen folds will crack. In fact, this is why many customers avoid buying foldable.

In the patent, Apple outlines a new protective layer structure for foldable screens. The latter should enhance the durability of the screen. The patent talks about the screen module and protective layer structure. It can be used on a bendable, flexible, conformable, foldable screen module and screen panel.

Apple noted that glass breakage begins with the presence of microcracks. So they can use a hard coat to fill pre-existing micro-cracks and alleviate screen cracking.

It’s still unknown what kind of foldable product Apple will launch first. Prior to this, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple’s folding screen phone development was focused on medium-sized and larger-screen devices. But much later, the firm changed. And though it’s still unclear whether Apple will release such a device, its closest rival, Samsung, is sure the Apple folding screen smartphone is around the corner.

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