Apple, Google, Intel and Cisco sued the Director of U.S. Patent and Trademarks in California Court

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According to foreign media LawStreetMedia reported this week, Apple, Google, Intel and Cisco filed a complaint in the Federal Court of San Jose, California this Monday against Andrei Iancu, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Commerce and Director of the Intellectual Property Office. To prevent him from implementing a new patent restriction rule.

The plaintiff claimed that the U.S. Patent Office under Iancu did not follow the IPR (Intellectual Property) procedure, and IPR is the most important achievement of the U.S. Inventions Act to strengthen the U.S. patent system.

IT Home understands that, ideally, these four technology giants hope that the court will consider that the NHK-Fintiv rule advocated by Iancu is beyond the powers of the US Patent and Trademark Office and violates the “U.S. Inventions Act”, thus preventing the implementation of the rule .

The second is to make the court think that the NHK-Fintiv rules are irregular and unfair.

As the last minimum requirement, if the US Patent and Trademark Office fails to meet the above requirements, it must at least negotiate with stakeholders.

The report pointed out that the US Patent Office’s regulations are conducive to “patent hooligan” behavior. Some “patent hooligans” who do not participate in the industry often hold some insignificant “weak” patents, and this is the capital of their “blackmail” giant enterprises.

According to the report, the practice of many technology giants has formed a deterrent to patent thugs and can deter them from extortion , because once the disputed patent is deemed invalid, they will permanently lose the patent asset.

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