In a practical application speed test conducted by PhoneBuff, Apple iPhone 12 Pro successfully defeated Samsung Note 20 Ultra, which are equipped with A14 chip, 6GB memory and Snapdragon 865 chip, 12GB memory.

This performance test measures the time required for each mobile phone to open a series of applications. Each smart phone has opened the same series of applications, including Facebook, camera applications, Microsoft applications, Adobe Rush, games, etc.

The iPhone 12 Pro was far ahead of the test section that included rendered video in Adobe Rush, and stayed ahead by launching several games. Apple iPhone 12 Pro completed the first round of application opening tests in one minute and 41 seconds, while Note 20 Ultra took one minute and 55 seconds to complete the same task.

In the second round (a measure of the smartphone’s ability to keep apps running in the background), the iPhone completed in 42 seconds, while the Note 20 Ultra took 46 seconds. has learned that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the champion of the application opening speed test conducted by Phone Buff before, and now the iPhone 12 Pro is the new champion. According to PhoneBuff data, it has been 20 months since the iPhone last occupied the top spot.


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