Apple iPhone 12 will be more expensive than iPhone 11

And Apple iPhone 12 will not come with any accessories

According to 9to5mac, the news that Apple iPhone 12 no longer comes with chargers and earphones has been rumored for a long time. Recently TrendForce analysts released the latest report saying that the iPhone 12 will not be shipped with wired EarPods and Charging first-class accessories, in addition, the report also gives the Apple iPhone 12 series pricing forecast.

According to TrendForce, Apple may price the iPhone 12 series:

iPhone 12: Starting at between $699 and $749

iPhone 12 Max: Starting at between $799 and $849

iPhone 12 Pro: Starting at $1,049 to $1,099

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Starting at $1,149 to $1,199

If TrendForce’s price forecast is correct, it means that the price of iPhone 12 has increased compared to iPhone 11 . Previous reports indicate that the increase in the price of iPhone 12 is mainly due to the higher prices of 5G network components, but Apple aims to reduce prices through various efforts.

Naijatechnews previously reported that many analysts, including Ming-Chi Guo, have indicated that Apple iPhone 12 will no longer come with chargers and headphones.