Apple iPhone 12 will not support the 700MHz 5G band

British telecom industry members worry that in the upcoming iPhone 12 series mobile phones, support for the country’s 5G network may be restricted, worrying that it may not include support for 700MHz networks.

Specifically, the iPhone 12 series is unlikely to support a 700MHz spectrum connection, and this spectrum is expected to be commonly used in 5G in the UK . The iPhone 12 is expected to support 5G functions across the board. The latest rumors show that iPhone 12 models sold in the United States will support sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave 5G, while models sold in other countries will only support sub-6GHz 5G.

mmWave is a version of 5G, which is faster but has a much smaller coverage area. This means that operators must build more base stations to make them available to all users.

Today’s report from The Telegraph stated that iPhone 12 may have “coverage problems” in the UK because it will lack support for the 700MHz 5G band. Lower frequency bands such as 700MHz are used to expand the coverage of the network to cover more remote areas.

Naijatechnews learned that analysts warned that “If the new machine does not support 700MHz, then users will eventually encounter network coverage problems,” said Matthew Howett, the chief analyst of Assembly, “The spectrum band where the iPhone works is crucial. ,” he added.

The report quoted 5G analyst Simon Rockman as explaining that the promotion of 700MHz 5G across the UK will be “quite fast.” For Apple, the release of iPhone 12 without 700MHz support may be a “missed opportunity.” According to the report, “The 700MHz spectrum is scheduled to be auctioned by Ofcom early next year.”

The report also claims that the iPhone 12, which does not support 700MHz spectrum, can be an advantage for a British operator. The operator is Three, which has acquired a large amount of 5G spectrum. Analysts said that this may lead to a situation similar to the launch of 4G in 2012. At that time, EE was the only telecom operator with sufficient 4G coverage to reliably provide 4G connectivity for the latest iPhone 5.

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