Apple iPhone 13/Pro series will support mmWave 5G in more regions, faster

Breaking news: Apple iPhone 13/Pro series will support mmWave 5G in more regions, faster

2021-01-05 07:42 IT House ( Knight )

News from IT House, January 5 Foreign media MacRumors reported that Patently Apple quoted Taiwanese supply chain sources as saying that the Apple iPhone 13 series may expand the faster mmWave 5G network connection to more countries and regions outside the United States.

According to reports, a Taiwanese company named Qiqi is accepting a “big order” for the mmWave 5G antennas of the iPhone 13 series, which may explain the company’s chairman Xie Hongbo’s announcement of the company’s 5G-related component shipments this year The reason for the substantial increase. Apple’s mmWave antenna is currently produced by the Japanese company Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which will obviously share iPhone 13 antenna orders with Qiqi.

According to reports, Apple supplier Wistron invested in Qiqi and became its single largest shareholder, helping it enter the iPhone supply chain for the first time. Qiqi and Qualcomm have close cooperation on 5G and Wi-Fi 6 components, which is also a key factor for the company to be selected by Apple to produce mmWave components.

Naijatechnews is informed that in the United States, all iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro models have both mmWave and sub-6GHz functions. Although mmWave is a faster form of 5G, compared with sub-6GHz 5G, it has a lower penetration rate and lower penetration rate. Therefore, the feature of iPhone 12 is the ability to use both technologies at the same time, depending on Which technology is available. However, outside the US, the iPhone 12 series only uses the slower sub-6GHz 5G technology.

It is reported that Apple is seeking to order a large number of mmWave antennas and double the supplier of this component, which may mean that iPhone 13 models will adopt faster mmWave technology in more regions. Countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, and Japan all have growing mmWave networks and will be able to benefit from faster 5G network speeds through the iPhone 13.

In addition, the report also pointed out that Qiqi is the market leader in designing antennas for notebook computers. Apple may use this advantage to add 5G network support to MacBook at some point in the future. However, it is reported that the current major antenna order received by Apple from Qiqi will only support the iPhone 13 series .

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