Apple is preparing for a design change with the iPhone 16 Pro!

Beginning with the iPhone X and continuing through the iPhone 14 Pro models, Apple introduced the camera notch. The company intends to make the next significant design modification on the iPhone 16 Pro. Replacing the Dynamic Island camera space that comes instead of the notch on the previous iPhone models.

For years, phone manufacturers have adopted the notch and punch hole designs for their handsets’ front cameras and sensors. On the other hand, some companies, like Samsung, have already started using this approach. Even though work on the under screen sensor and camera technologies is still ongoing. We are aware that the majority of companies are eager to integrate this technology into their phones.

The iPhone 16 Pro will include a significant design change

This technique might soon availble on Apple’s own smartphones. The Face ID sensor of the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max models will allegedly be hidden under the screen by Apple. The camera, like on other Android phones, will reportedly be visible for a while, though. As a result, iPhone models may debut with just a tiny camera hole in the display.

However, Apple’s ultimate objective is to fully do away with Face ID and the camera hole. According to rumors, the punch hole camera design that will come with the iPhone 16 Pro versions will only be a temporary solution.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 4 model already uses under screen cameras. It is important to note that the quality is poorer than anticipated. And that the camera is visible beneath the screen. Apple, on the other hand, is unlikely to make use of this technoflogy until it is fully developed.

Although it has now been publicly stated that Face ID sensors would be under the iPhone 16 Pro screen. We do not yet know when Apple will adopt under screen camera technology.

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