Apple M1 chip computer is released, and the two-year Mac transition plan officially begins

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 Apple today released the first self-developed computer chip M1 . According to Apple, the M1 chip is Apple’s first chip specially designed for the Mac. It has exceptional performance, many powerful functions, and amazing Energy efficiency performance. The M1 chip was first carried on the new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini.

Apple said that the new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini are equipped with M1 chips. The three new products work with other Mac models to form a stronger Mac product lineup. This is also the beginning of our transition to a new series of chips designed specifically for Mac. The transition will be completed in about two years, and the three models have opened a wonderful curtain for this.

According to Apple, the M1 chip is optimized for the strict requirements of the Mac system in terms of small size and high energy efficiency. As a SoC chip, M1 integrates many powerful technologies and adopts a unified memory architecture to bring huge improvements in performance and energy efficiency. is informed that the M1 is also Apple’s first personal computer chip built with an advanced 5nm process, encapsulating a staggering 16 billion transistors, the largest number of all Apple chips. This low-energy chip is equipped with Apple’s fastest CPU core and has an excellent CPU performance-to-watt ratio; equipped with our fastest PC integrated graphics; and its Apple neural network engine has brought a breakthrough Machine learning performance. Thanks to this, the M1 chip increases the speed of the central processing unit up to 3.5 times, the speed of the graphics processor up to 6 times, the speed of machine learning up to 15 times, and while achieving all this, it will also The battery life is up to twice that of the previous generation Mac model. These improvements in performance and energy efficiency mean that the M1 chip will bring the Mac into a new era.

macOS Big Sur has been carefully designed from the outside to the inside, just to give full play to the various functions and performance of the M1 chip, bringing huge performance improvements, excellent battery life, and more powerful security protection features. With the M1 chip, users will noticeably feel faster and smoother in daily use. Like the iPhone and iPad, the Mac can now wake up immediately from sleep mode. Using the ultra-fast Safari browser to surf the Internet, the running speed of JavaScript is now up to 1.5 times faster, and the response speed is nearly 2 times faster2.

With macOS Big Sur and the M1 chip, the number of apps that Mac users can use has greatly increased. All Mac software developed by Apple now supports Universal and can run natively on the M1 system. And the various existing Mac apps, even if they have not been updated to Universal, can still run seamlessly through Apple’s Rosetta 2 technology. At the same time, various apps on iPhone and iPad can now be run directly on Mac. In addition, Big Sur’s infrastructure has also been optimized to unlock the power of the M1 chip, including developer technologies such as Metal for graphics processing tasks and Core ML for machine learning.

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