Apple responded that the iPhone 12/Pro is not equipped with headset chargers

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In response to the latest iPhone 12 not being equipped with chargers and earphones, Apple’s vice president of marketing for the iPhone product line Kaian Delance responded that the iPhone has many new features to attract consumers to buy, and this pricing is also appropriate. . There are many chargers and earphones piled up in the user’s home. They did this out of environmental considerations.

Good Morning America’s host asked: Are you worried that consumers would have an opinion about spending close to $700 on a mobile phone without a power adapter and earphones?

Kai An Delance, vice president of Apple’s iPhone product line marketing, replied that there are already a large number of new features in the new generation of iPhone, and there are many amazing reasons for consumers to buy. We think this pricing is also very appropriate. For other reasons, I have already mentioned that users already have a lot of earphones and power adapters. These things are piled up at home. Maybe they already have a lot of these things, so they don’t. It seems the right thing to add headphones and charger. But this is due to environmental protection considerations.

Naijatechnews previously reported that Apple iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Max no longer comes with earphones and chargers , and the new iPhone 11/XR/SE 2 no longer comes with earphones and chargers.

Apple said that the iPhone product line will no longer come with power adapters and EarPods, which are often idle accessories, and will instead come with the increasingly needed USB-C to lightning fast charging cable. As a result, product packaging will become smaller, and the number of products that can be shipped at a time will increase accordingly, so that the overall number of shipments will be reduced. At the same time, we are also pushing manufacturer partners to switch to renewable energy. All these measures can reduce more than 2 million tons of carbon emissions each year.


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