Apple tracking accessories AirTags spy photos exposure: round button design

Apple will launch a new product in the early morning of the day after tomorrow. It was previously reported that Apple’s tracking accessory AirTags will be unveiled at this conference. Now the whistleblower Jon Prosser has exposed more details about AirTags, including its Appearance rendering.

Prosser provided a rendering of the appearance of AirTags through the video. He claimed that there was a physical video, but in order to protect the source of the information, the photo was remade into a 3D rendering by ConceptCreator.

As in the previous rumors, AirTag basically consists of a round white disc with Apple logo and other related information printed on the metal back. The size of the accessory will be roughly the same as the bottle cap.

According to Prosser, Apple will provide a key chain for this accessory. The key chain will be sold separately . The pricing of either AirTag or key chain is still unknown.

What is AirTags? IT Home understands that AirTags is an accessory used by Apple to track items that users may lose, and can be placed on items that need to be tracked. AirTags cannot receive signals, but can broadcast. By using Apple’s U1 chip, iPhone 11 and later iPhones will be able to use Bluetooth and ultra-wideband signals to track the location of the accessory .

Prosser also revealed that the U1 chip and UWB are “things that all Apple products will use in the future.”

There are rumors that the Find My application will allow users to locate AirTags, and UWB signals will be able to lock the location near the local area, and it is quite accurate. The system can also work with other iPhones with U1 chips when outdoors and at longer distances.

Because Apple has more than 1.5 billion active users and many of them are using U1-equipped devices, this means that relatively few places on the planet will not be covered. In addition, because AirTags are only transmitted on Bluetooth and UWB, there is no need to transmit GPS coordinates, which can save battery power.

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