Apple will launch an online store in India on September 23

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Apple today announced that it will launch an online store in India on September 23, and for the first time directly provide various Apple products and support to Indian customers, nearly 10 years later than China.

Apple India Online Store goes live on September 23

From September 23, Indian consumers will be able to visit Apple’s official website and purchase goods directly from Apple, just as other consumers around the world shop in Apple’s online stores in various countries. So far, Apple’s product sales in India have been carried out entirely through authorized distributors and e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart.

“We are proud to be able to expand in India and want to do everything we can to support our customers and their communities,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail operations and human resources. We know that users rely on our technology to stay connected, learn, and develop creativity. By launching the Apple Online Store in India, we are able to provide our customers with the best Apple at this important moment.”

On October 26, 2010, Apple launched the Apple Store online store in China, providing Chinese consumers with the easiest way to purchase Apple products such as iPhone 4 and iPad. At the time, Tim Cook, then Apple’s COO, said: “With personalized laser engraving services, customized products, and free shipping services for all products, the Apple Store online store has become an excellent shopping for Chinese customers. place.”

Previously, one of the main obstacles preventing Apple from launching an online store in India was that the Indian government required foreign companies to purchase 30% of parts and components locally. In the end, India relaxed this requirement, paving the way for Apple to launch an online store.

In order to take the lead in the huge potential Indian market, Apple has implemented major investments in India over the past years. The iPhone is currently produced in India, and Apple is preparing to open its first direct store in India. Prior to the opening of direct stores, Apple was expanding online sales and distribution.

In May of this year, Apple began selling Macs on a build-to-order basis through distributors in India. Apple CEO Cook promised in February that the Indian online store will be launched this year. Apple’s first physical store in India will open in 2021, one of which is the Mumbai International Exhibition Center.

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