Apple’s lawyer responded to Epic: You want us to become Android, but we refuse

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“Fortnite” game developer Epic Games sued Apple’s monopoly lawsuit opened on Monday.

Epic’s lawyers argued that Apple has turned the App Store into a “walled garden” full of “Venus flytraps”, aiming to target 1 billion iPhone users and developers who want to reach these users.

Apple’s lawyer Karen Dunn responded: Epic wants us to become Android, but we refuse, and our consumers will refuse .

Epic wants us to be Android, but we don’t want to be, our consumers don’t want that either.

Naijatechnews understands that Apple believes that a single highly managed application store is a necessary condition to protect security, privacy, reliability and quality . Obviously, the Google Play store on Android devices does not do this.

Karen Dunn said that Epic asked the judge to force Apple to allow third-party software to bypass the App Store and be installed on mobile phones, similar to the “side loading” allowed by the Android system. Sideloading can bypass the official application store and install the application on the phone from the computer.

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