Apple’s new accessories, AirTag usage details: can play sounds, support iOS built-in auxiliary functions

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In the early hours of this morning, at the 2021 spring new product launch, Apple launched a new accessory AirTag. This product can be used with Apple’s “Find” App to help track and find important items. It costs 229 yuan per piece and 779 yuan for four pieces.

Apple said that whether it is attached to handbags, keys, backpacks or other items, AirTag can access a huge global “find” network and assist in locating lost items, while maintaining the privacy and privacy of location data through end-to-end encryption. Anonymity.

Naijatechnews understands that AirTag has the same settings as AirPods-just put AirTag close to iPhone to connect. Users can assign AirTags to different items and name them with default names such as “key” or “coat”, or choose a custom name.

Apple's new accessories, AirTag usage details: can play sounds, support iOS built-in auxiliary functions

Once AirTag is set up, it will be displayed in the new “Items” tab in the “Find” app, and users can view the current or last known location of the item on the map. If the user misplaced the item and the item is within the Bluetooth range, you can use the “Find” App to make AirTag play a sound to help find it. Users can also ask Siri to find their own items. If the AirTag is nearby, it will play a sound.

Apple's new accessories, AirTag usage details: can play sounds, support iOS built-in auxiliary functions

Apple pointed out that if the AirTag is separated from the owner and out of Bluetooth range, the “find” network can also help track it. Nearly 1 billion Apple devices have been connected to the “Find” network. This network can detect the Bluetooth signal sent by the lost AirTag and send its location to the owner through the background in an anonymous and private manner.

The user can also set the AirTag to lose mode. When it enters the Bluetooth range or is located by the “find” network, the owner will receive a notification. If someone else finds the missing AirTag, they can use their iPhone or any device that supports NFC to tap it and enter a website; if the owner provides a contact number, the website will display the phone number.

AirTag supports the built-in accessibility features of iOS. For example, “Precision Find” includes a voice-over function, which can provide guidance to blind or impaired users, such as “AirTag is 9 feet to your left” to guide them to find AirTag.

Apple's new accessories, AirTag usage details: can play sounds, support iOS built-in auxiliary functions

In terms of privacy and security, Apple emphasizes that the design of AirTag is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of location data from the very beginning. No physical location data or location history is stored in AirTag. Communication with the “find” network is end-to-end encrypted, so only the owner of the device can access its location data, and no one, including Apple, can know the identity or location of any device involved in assisting in finding the device.

In addition, the Bluetooth signal identifier transmitted by AirTag is frequently rotated to prevent accidental location tracking. iOS devices can also detect AirTags that are not with their owner, and send notifications when users are found to be moving between different locations with unknown AirTags for a long time. Even if the surrounding users do not have an iOS device, the AirTag that has been separated from the owner for a long time will make a sound when moving to attract people’s attention. If users detect an unknown AirTag, they can tap on it with an iPhone or NFC-enabled device, and instructions will appear on their device to instruct them to turn off the unknown AirTag.


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