Apple’s removal of Fortnite caused Epic to lose $27 Million in a single month

last month, Apple and Epic Games have been in constant disputes. At present, “Fortress Night” has not yet been released on the App Store, which has also caused huge losses to Epic.

Data analysis agency Buy Shares said that the removal of Fortnite from the App Store means that Epic will lose US$26.7 million (about 185 million yuan) in revenue in a single month. Last month, there was even news that iOS devices equipped with “Fortnite” were sold at high prices on the Internet, which shows that this game still has a certain player base.

Naijatechnews was informed that at the hearing, the judge asked Apple to continue to retain the Epic developer account and resource support, but did not agree to restore the right of “Fortress Night” on the App Store.

Apple filed a counterclaim on Tuesday, demanding that Epic stop using the autonomous payment system for “Fortress Night” and pay monetary compensation for its cost losses, saying that Epic’s actions were “intentional, brazen, and illegal behavior.” The dispute between the two companies has yet to have a final result, and Epic seems to be ready for a long-term battle with Apple.