Area 51

Area 51 is a wonderful game set in the U.S. government’s most top-secret and secure facility located in the Nevada desert. Players take on the role of Specialist Ethan Cole, a hazardous biological waste specialist sent to investigate.

Well,  during his investigation, Cole stumbles across alien creatures and a virus that threatens his very humanity. To save himself and the earth, Cole must fight to solve the enigma of Area 51. He will engage in an epic adventure through eight massive sections and battle your way through corridors of Area 51 to discover the secrets of an extraterrestrial menace before it is too late.

The game is loaded with 15 types of human and alien weapons, split-screen and online multiplayer, while the creatures are designed by Stan Winston Studios.


The link to download Area 51 is above and after that, you can now use a file extractor to extract it and then play the game using your emulator. Enjoy and use the comment box if you have any questions.

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