ArgoVPN APK 1.12

Download Argovpn Apk Latest Version Free for Android to bypass internet censorship. There are so many features to enjoy in the apk.

Are you based in Iran and want to bypass the internet censorship of the country? Then this is the right tool to use on your mobile device. Argovpn is a tool from the Filtershekanha team, and it was designed with so many advanced features. These features make it easier for people to bypass the internet censorship of Iran.

ArgoVPN APK 1.12

Some of the features in the app include Bridges and Falcon. Falcon allows users to register and add a domain name they want to bypass when using it. Bridge, on the other hand, allows users to connect to the app through non-public addresses.

It is important to note that there are so many other advanced features in the Argovpn app. What’s impressive is that these are unique features, and you’d not find them on other VPN services. An example of this is the in-built firewall of the app. With this, people can block unwanted addresses, and those addresses will stay block as long as they use the app.

ArgoVPN APK 1.12

Another amazing feature the team included in the app is the public repository. With this feature, users can block malware websites and phishing when on the Argovpn connection. This feature also increases the internet safety of users.

The Argovpn has a community for its users. There is also the Cloudfare Malware and Cloudfare Family for its users to use. When users use these features, they can enjoy the benefits of the Cloudfare Family and the Argovpn Firewall.

ArgoVPN APK 1.12

There are so many reasons why you should install this app on your mobile device. You can use the app to exclude specific URLs on your mobile device. This is possible through the exceptions list, and you can also add websites that are not already blocked. Therefore, specified traffic will not go through the Argovpn tunnel when you use the app to connect to the internet.

There are so many other amazing and important features of this app. However, the most important of these features is security and privacy features. It is worth mentioning that when you use Argovpn, your privacy would be maintained. The app will encrypt all your connections with the aid of different ciphers.

ArgoVPN APK 1.12

Download Argovpn to your device, and start enjoying these features.

Argovpn Apk Free Download

When you download the apk of this app, you will enjoy better performance. This is because the apk has been optimized and enhanced. What’s amazing is that the apk is available for free download.


Download the original version of Argovpn to bypass internet censorship on your mobile device.

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