AT&T CEO: There is not much hope for Apple’s iPhone 12 5G version to boost the industry upgrade wave

According to reports, the wireless industry has long hoped that the arrival of 5G-enabled devices (including Apple’s flagship iPhone) will boost a large-scale upgrade cycle.

But John Stankey, chief executive of US telecom operator AT&T, said in an interview on Tuesday that the buying spree may not be as violent as initially expected. The global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia has caused the economy to shrink, and many customers will not see a leap in speed immediately, so buyers may slow down in accepting 5G.

He said that for the entire industry, this will still be a “healthy holiday”, but it has not achieved the blowout that everyone expected.

When Stankey took over AT&T in July this year, he said, “The economic environment we are in is not booming.”

The 5G iPhone, which will be launched this fall, is usually good news for AT&T—especially because its users use Apple’s mobile phones at a higher rate than average . Nevertheless, they still need to be persuaded.

Stankey said peer pressure may help. He said that after the advent of mobile phones, consumers may be affected by the “packing mentality.” When one person gets the phone, others will see “this beautiful shiny new object and say,’I need it too.’ “

Stankey lists 5G services, fiber optic connections, and digital or software-based video as the company’s three major priorities.

Wireless operators are spending billions of dollars to cover the entire country with 5G, and promise to provide consumers and businesses with faster speeds. The question is, how long will it take for the average consumer to notice the speed increase even with a new mobile phone.

Initially, 5G services in densely populated urban areas will be stronger. In some places you will get what Stankey calls “Oh my God! 5G!”; he said that others will get “5G incremental improvements.” “There are actually two flavors.”

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