BeautyCam Mod (Premium)
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BeautyCam Mod (Premium)
July 9, 2021
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BeautyCam Mod (Premium)

Beauty cam- Photo and Filter Cam App is a free download for your iPhone/iPod touch & Android. App description: Creating natural and beautiful-looking pictures has never been this easy. With Beautycam, you can brighten up eyes, remove acne scars, smooth over frown lines, add special effects to the image, blurs, sharpen photos, adjust white balance, delete red-eye, and so much more.

The photo and filter features let you do all sorts of editing, including renaming and colouring, cropping, adjusting the background, enhancing photos, adjusting white balance, adding text, enhancing zooming, and so much more!

Download BeautyCam Mod – Premium Features

Features: Beautycam is a fully optimised iPhone 11 camera app with many useful functions and features. In addition to all the photo and filter features, it also gives you options for optimising images according to your taste. One option lets you decide on what to do with the picture after it’s been optimised. Some of these include:


When using Beautycam, you get the opportunity to use some advanced video functions. One option allows you to record video footage with a wide-angle lens instead of the standard lens. You can also set up different types of transitions between images, including slow motion, sped up/slower, and even sepia tone. A helpful feature helps you find the best full-body shots. Choose from a wide selection of background colours, apply them to your face, or even change your skin colour based on your preferences. Beauty cam is also compatible with third-party plugins that can be used in conjunction with the app.

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Product Review

Despite being only a free app, Beautycam has garnered rave reviews from users and the iPad and iPhone apps review sites. It’s easy to use since you need to follow the onscreen instructions. You can also use the app as a scheduling tool for your beauty regime, so you don’t have to go to the gym five times a week. Most product reviews point out that its eight filters are the best choice for applying makeup.

Wallpaper Function Is Newly Added to Cutie Presets

The wallpapers function has been added to Beautycam to allow you to easily remove images from your existing photo gallery and apply them to your face for a more natural look. Previously, you had to either crop individual pictures using the crop function or copy and paste the images using Adobe’s Paint Shop Pro. With the new wallpaper function, you can easily add new fun to your snaps. Open the application, click on the wallpaper tab and choose from various photos and graphics to use as backgrounds. It’s a much easier way to add fun to your snaps with Beauty cam.

Hot Music Video Function

This great new feature lets you instantly add music to your beauty cam video clips. You activate the hot music function by clicking the camera button while you are in the menu. It works with any music player, so whether you use iTunes or another music player, instant access to music is on tap. The song you wish to use will be played through the built-in mixer box. You can also alter the volume from there.

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BeautyCam Anti-Shake Video Function

If you have used many anti-shake devices in the past, you will appreciate this new feature. The built-in demo shows the device rolling across the room as the door knocks on it. Hence the sound you hear is the actual effect the camera creates. The anti- Shake feature gives you more control over the video by adjusting the speed and anti-shake during playback. The 1.Hot music video function lets you take 15-second videos without losing quality.

Get Beauty Cam for iPhone & Android

The iPhone 11 comes with a built-in image stabilisation option that allows you to shoot in both portrait mode and landscape mode without losing clarity. This makes it easy to shoot moving images without losing your movement priority during the video process. You can switch to manual mode and fix the camera yourself if needed. You can also tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation, and colours for additional brightening and contrast. The iPhone 11 comes equipped with the new, improved iSight camera to take crisp, clear, high-resolution images.

Beauty Cam a unique selfie camera

An original image file is a key step in any photo editing process. There are many ways to accomplish this. You can do this with your phone or camera. Once you have your camera, you can begin the process of editing photos. Sometimes, you may need to adjust your perspective on using your camera if it isn’t working as intended.

BeautyCam created a new camera that solves the problems of the camera. Each feature has beautiful effects and a variety of tones to choose from. This feature can also make editing photos much easier by reducing the amount of time spent editing colours or adding elements. In some cases, however, it is worth considering using both.

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Beauty Cam provide colorful filters

The photo editing process will involve a lot of work. One of the most important tasks is to find the right colours for your photo. It will take a lot of effort to find the right tones and adjust the brightness to make the photo more subtle. You can’t ignore filters, however. Filters are a must-have feature. Consistent and quality functionality right next to the camera.

BeautyCam will show you many colours you can choose from. You can change the look of your photos by using each filter. This can be viewed as an exciting job that’s not monotonous but still brings joy to the user. Each filter comes with a bar that allows you to adjust Blur or Effect. Once you’ve chosen the right element for you, you can make it fit your product.

BeautyCam offers effects that you want

After you have a complete image filled with vibrant colours, you may want to add fun elements to it. These are the elements that will make your product unique and creative. You can also add frames or stickers that

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