Becareful: Hackers have created Malware that can survive formatting

I am still from the time when a ‘format C‘ solved everything or almost everything on the computer! Whether it was viruses, spyware, malware, or just software conflicts. Well… It looks like we’re entering a new era! Reinstalling the Operating System is no longer able to eliminate all threats!

Chinese hackers created malware capable of surviving formatting

Therefore, everything indicates that a group of Chinese hackers was able to create a new type of malware capable of re-installing itself when the victim decides to format his PC and reinstall Windows.

The security firm Kaspersky Lab says this, stating that this new threat is attacking the UEFI interface (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) to remain very much alive on Windows machines.

That said, an attack on UEFI is really worrying. After all, we are talking about the software responsible for turning on the PC and loading the operating system. In fact, in fact, it is a brilliant idea on the part of the attackers, since the UEFI lives inside a motherboard chip, having nothing to do with the storage itself.

In short, the only way to eliminate the threat is to eliminate the infected firmware. That is, it is necessary to update the software by the official motherboard manufacturer.

However, the purpose of this malware is to open the door to other malicious software, in order to steal private information from the user in question.

Interestingly, this software is very similar to malware which is also creating headaches in the Android world. Learn more below.

Caution! We have new malicious software on Android resistant to everything!

The year 2024 has been full of new threats to Google’s gigantic mobile operating system. It is software that is attacked on all sides, and which, unfortunately, is not protected sufficiently effectively by its own creator.

After all, there have been many warnings we’ve made in recent weeks to remove applications from your smartphone. Apps that already had millions of downloads around the world!

In short, we are talking about software distributed by the Google Play Store itself. Being able to log into your Facebook account, to steal private information from your Google account, among many other things…

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