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Best Alternative Sites to Online Store (2021)

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People flock to internet stores where they can freely and securely purchase goods and services. is one such website. It is famous as a web solution to people’s getting all kinds of stuff they can get without stress, and without spending a lot of money. In addition to that, it is heartwarming to find an online store that allows for the free shipping of many products from one country to another.

Wish is popular for selling electronics, hobbies, clothing, gadgets, wallets, home décor, pieces of jewelry, and watches.

Most people first think that Wish was all about scams and low-quality products. Only those who tried them out can easily be convinced of the usefulness of the website. First, you may check out their reviews on the internet because more people leave comments behind after they purchase from Wish. Products are cheap on Wish because they are sourced directly from manufacturers in countries like China.

If you buy from Wish, you are getting the manufacturer’s price, not wholesale or retail price. If the products you bought are from Asia, you may be able to get them on your doorsteps, instead of moving from one shop to another. Also, there are no middle-men to make the price go higher. Forget it, and these products are not from first-class companies that add dollar upon dollar to sell their products. But in this article, we are about to talk about convenient online stores that operate like Wish. Find them below.

Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)

Affiliate inside partners of Wish

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Some people have called the affiliated partners of wish sister apps. That won’t be incorrect since these app sites simplify things for those who want to find products easily from a portal with tens of thousands of products listed.

There are four other Wish apps, and each of them is significant for its category.

Geek is created for those who want to buy electronics and other gadgets. If you consider the product you want to buy geeky, then visit the site.

Mama is popular for mothers and expectant moms. Think of this site as a suitable place for buying children’s items. Find games, toys, supplies, and school items for your children.

Cute is made for products in the cosmetic and beauty categories. Clothes can also be found here if you ‘wish’ to buy them. All the products listed here are cute.

Home is created to showcase home products such as a bathroom, kitchen, décor, and other related products.

Take note that all these sister sites or apps still live inside of the large Wish websites. They are only sub-categories so that buyers know where to search first. Now, let’s move on to other websites that operate like Wish but are not in any way related.


Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)

I pick this one first because I believe it is the oldest on the list. I stand to be corrected on this. No matter what, this is one of the largest online stores anyone can find. It has a good outlay, a nice theme, and a sitemap that’s easy to navigate. In fact, it is a competition to other similar sites like Amazon that claim to sell high-ticket items.

You can purchase all sorts of items from AliExpress, things like perfumes, phones and accessories, clothes, some products like pieces of jewelry could be sold for as less as $1 here. Since many products here are sold through Chinese merchants, delivery to the Western world could take time. This website is owned by Alibaba, a store known for selling heavy-duty materials.


Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)

This store is not as gigantic as AliExpress, but it is doing good. It is based in China, and it is basically known for electronic products. Their products come directly from China, which means you can purchase them here at low prices.

If you want to purchase mobile phones, other lifestyle products, and other electronic gadgets that are new but not well-known worldwide, you can visit the site. You can purchase items as you do on AliExpress with credit cards, PayPal, and other means.

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Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)

This is another Chinese website that has in stock many products across various categories. It is also a viral website that people worldwide flock to purchase pieces of stuff. If you need massive and incredible discounts, this is where you need to go. Check the sidebar or search through to find the right item you want to buy.

Once you are logged in, you can find many products such as clothing, accessories, and many more, depending on your search keywords. Apart from PayPal, they have their own Banggood BG Pay, customized to customers’ needs.


Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)

Based on tech and geeks materials, this website is renowned for what it does. You get amazing deals for products in the electronic category. Get your needs satisfied when you’re looking for electronic consumer goods and tech products. In other words, if you’re looking for smartwatches, laptops, earbuds, drones, smartphones, or other geeky materials, you can get them here.

Take advantage of discounts given from time to time for students who may be going back to school. The good news is they organize flash sales frequently. Need a product for your school gadget? You may want to look at what this website offers first. Get started by searching from the front page.

Dollar Tree

Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)
Dollar Tree

This is an American store. For those who have a bit of misgiving for the other stores mentioned above, this is a good choice because it is an American online store. How is it able to sell cheap products? One may ask. It can do so by offering massive discounts. You’ll be amazed to find the retail price of products so low as to be $1 on this site!

You can get discounts on home products, pet supplies, stationery items, clothes, and other common supplies that humankind needs daily. With a simple interface, everything easy to locate, Dollar Tree is a top choice in this niche of low-priced products on the internet.

Light in the Box

Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)
Light In The Box

This store is based in China, and they offer products at wholesale prices. In addition to selling household items, the store has a lot of tech and geek gadgets. But simply put, this is not AliExpress or Wish, so don’t expect a massive warehouse of products here. However, one can find many diversified products here at good pricing.

You can purchase with PayPal on this website. It is easy to add products to a cart and have them shipped worldwide. But for Western countries and Africa, goods could take weeks before it arrives.


Best Alternative Sites to Wish Online Store (2021)

This one too has been in existence for a long time. Its business model has not always been what it is right now, but it is doing well in the terrain. The website is mainly known for showcasing handmade goods from Indonesia, Vietnam, and other closely knit countries. They sell at meager prices too because they source products directly from manufacturers.


If has always been your source and you’re looking for other websites that can offer cheap products that can also be shipped free, all the sites on this list will do fine. The problem is that some have vaults of items more than others, but it shouldn’t be hard for you to locate your item on any of them.



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