Best Art in Motion Projects to Add Class to Your Living Home

Are you tired of your home’s or office’s current aesthetic? Put up some art; your space will go from bland to interesting in minutes. And if you love putting up art but hate that it goes from interesting to monotonous after days of staring at it, we’ve got some good news for you: art doesn’t have to be ordinary.


For instance, tweak the frame to incorporate moving pictures instead of displaying your pictures the standard way. You can also make a slow dance frame with a few tricks. Read on for more moving art DIY projects that instantly add class to your space.

1. Boogie Box: The Electromagnetic Dance Floor

Want to add some oomph to your music streaming sessions? Build the Boogie Box, and thank us later. It is an interactive dance floor that can make your favorite dolls, action figures, or anything you place on its surface bump to your favorite tunes. It’s reprogrammable, meaning you can also choreograph the framed object to dance whichever way you want.

How does it work? The box features a grid of magnetized coils, individually triggered by an Arduino to move things placed on the acrylic surface in any direction along the grid. Check out the Instructable for a step-by-step guide on how it’s built.

2. Harry Potter-Inspired Picture Frame

Remember the loud, flamboyant, fat, singing lady in a portrait at the entrance of Gryffindor’s dorms in Harry Porter? Or the other interactive portraits in Hogwarts? Attempting this DIY project, as shown on Instructables, lets you build something closer to that. Your pictures won’t be singing or talking, but they’ll be moving, playing mind games on anyone new to your home. It’s an ordinary picture frame with two regular framed photos and two iPod Touch devices smartly concealed and synced with a laptop to display a picture slideshow for up to five hours!

It’s an excellent way to spice up and use the old-generation iPods and iPhones sitting in your box of old tech. Here are some more creative DIY projects to spice up your room.

3. Slow Dance: A Fusion of Art and Magic

If you want something a little more sophisticated for a moving picture frame, this slow dance frame is what you need to build. It features a set of neodymium magnets that work together with other supplies listed in the Instructables guide to trigger vibrations at specific frequencies, conversely making the objects inside the frame move at 2-second intervals.

You can control the brightness, speed, strength, and oscillation intervals, so it moves precisely when you want. It even features a power mode button that lets you control the intensity at which it moves, so it’s not distracting. This is another amazing project to add to your list of DIY ideas to amuse your TikTok and Instagram followers.

4. Spooky Raspberry Pi Controlled Halloween Picture

Framed pictures can tell stories or, in this case, play some mind tricks on your guests. So, if you’re looking for an icebreaker to knock the socks off your visitors, this spooky Halloween picture is an excellent fit. It features an ordinary photo customized with moving eyes that’ll get your guests secretly asking themselves, “Am I imagining things, or did the picture’s eyes just move?” It’s also a great accessory to add to your Halloween decorating collection. Check out the step-by-step guide on Instructables to build it.

5. Animatronic Maker Club Sign

Want to advertise your business or get a message out there in a way that converts? Ordinary signs would get the job done, but they’re as easy to ignore. Build this impossible-to-ignore animatronic sign instead. It features a simple circuit actuated by a hacked servo motor, so the letters move around. And it’s super-easy to build. The best part? It makes use of easy-to-find and recycled materials. Check out a complete to build it on Instructables.

6. Twitter Scrolling Picture Frame

For good reasons, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. It offers access to opinions, photos, videos, and global news in quick, concise formats over extended discussions. It’s easy to scroll through and find information pertinent to your interest. As a regular Twitter user, you can make it even easier to scroll through by building this Twitter scrolling picture frame. You can set it up to automatically browse and display your feed, so you don’t have to do it manually. And, as shown in the Instructable, it’s a simple build that requires basic, easy-to-find supplies.

7. African Sun Mosaic With Moving LED Sunrise & Sunset

Whether you have an artistic eye or not, we can all agree on one thing: mosaics are a sight for sore eyes. The dazzling colors and their unique, exotic aesthetic are instantly eye-catching, while their excellent durability is an added advantage. And by following the Instructables guide, you can build not just mosaic art but a creative mosaic showcase of the African sun during sunrise and sunset. It features LEDs designed to move up and down behind the frame and shine through the glass for that moving sunrise and sunset effect.

Need some more inspiration on building such creative projects? Check out the best free sites for DIY arts and crafts.

8. Half Square Triangles Kinetic Art

Want an exclusively unique art piece that can blend with your decor? This half-square-triangles kinetic frame fits the bill. It maximizes on the diamond theorem and is driven by several stepper motors powered by a microcontroller to generate geometric patterns that are instantly pleasing to the eye. Check out the Instructable for a list of supplies and a step-by-step instruction guide.

9. Make a Holographic Dance Party With Your Friends

Imagine having a small glass display featuring holographs of you and your best buddies pulling off the best dance moves in your hallway. It won’t only be fascinating; it’ll have everyone who visits wondering just how you made that or where you purchased such a personalized art piece. The best part? You’ll turn to them and confidently say, “I built it!” Check out the Instructables guide to realize it.

Spicing Your Space Up With Art

From a slow dancing picture frame to a boogie box that bumps to your favorite songs, the nine kinetic art projects above are not only visually attractive, but so unique that they make perfect icebreakers. They also make an excellent gift for that artsy person in your life. Feel free to tweak them to your liking or build them exactly as shown.

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