Best Daum PotPlayer Keyboard Shortcut or HotKeys To Know

In this post, we will be looking at the Best Daum PotPlayer keyboard shortcuts or HotKeys you should know.

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If you are a dual PotPlayer user, it makes sense to know its shortcut or HotKeys. This way, performing tasks becomes a whole lot easier.

You reading this post, there is a huge chance you already know what this PC program is about. If you don’t, I am more than happy to give you an insight.

Daum PotPlayer is a free video player developed by Daum for its users. The player has been existence for a really long time now, has a really nice interface and supports almost all video formats and codes.

The program is Free to download and use. Before now, we talked on how to take screenshot, capture frame and set image location on the media player. If you missed that, now will be a good time to read more.


The need for keyboard shortcut or HotKeys cannot be overemphasized. This makes performing tasks within a program, a lot easier and faster. Rather than having to navigate through the interface to get to a certain feature, you can simple use some keyboard shortcut combination and get the job done.

Thankfully, Daum PotPlayer has got a lot of these inbuilt keyboard shortcuts or HotKeys. In this post, we will be looking at some of the best worth knowing.

Just before we go into these keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, permit me to show you how to view these shortcuts in the Daum PotPlayer Program. That way, you can get a whole lot more than those we will be sharing here.

How To Enable Daum PotPlayer Keyboard Shortcut or HotKeys

1. Launch Daum PotPlayer


2. On your keyboard, press F5 to go to preferences. Alternatively, Go to the top left corner of Daum PotPlayer and click on drop down. Among the drop down options, select preferences.


3. Make sure you are in the general tab on the right window. Among the drop down options, click on Keyboard.


4. Next in line after Disable Default HotKeys, click on Add.

5. At this point, a window will be shown displaying the custom HotKey (Keyboard shortcut)


6. Click on the + option to enlarge each menu to view the keyboard shortcut or HotKeys associated with it.

That’s it. That’s how to view HotKey or Keyboard Shortcut for different tasks in Daum PotPlayer.

Having discussed that, let’s look at some of the best keyboard shortcuts or HotKeys you should know and get familiarized with as a Daum pot player user.

Best Daum PotPlayer Keyboard Shortcut or HotKeys

  • Space – Pause/Play
  • Ctrl+s – Screen Capture
  • Enter – Full Screen
  • Up – Increases Volume
  • Down – Decreases Volume
  • Left key – 5 seconds backward
  • Right key – 5 seconds forward
  • Ctrl+Left – 30 seconds backward
  • Ctrl+Right – 30 seconds forward
  • Backspace – Starting point of Video or Audio
  • Alt+0 load subtitle
  • > or . – Faster
  • < or . – Slower
  • K – Video capture
  • M – Mute
  • Shift + < – Slower Audio Sync
  • Shift + > Faster Audio Sync
  • F8 – Preference
  • F6 – Playlist
  • Alt + C – Record Video
  • Z – Speed Normal
  • C – Speed Faster
  • X – Speed slower
  • Ctrl+J – Open Webcam

With the above keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, you should be able to use Daum PotPlayer faster and more efficiently.

Hope this was helpful? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use the comment form below.

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