Best File Manager Apps for Android

Best File Manager Apps for Android

As smartphone users, we constantly have to save one file, folder or the other (pictures, videos, documents, ebooks, e.t.c), daily on our devices. Now how do we access, arrange, move or rename those files and folders? Of course, we have to make use of a file manager application, and today in this article, I’ve made up a list of the best Android file manager apps to use.

File managers are currently one of the most used applications on Android devices in this jet age. We get to use them for the safe keeping of important files and folders, and to access them when needed for one reason or the other. With a file explorer app, you can zip, password, and also unlock files (though not all have got these features). Before using any file manager application, you must have checked for features it can offer you.

It’s no doubt that some recently developed Android smartphones do not come with an inbuilt file manager, and even those that have got, the file managers, still lack features that may be useful or important to us. Nevertheless, here on Naijatechnews, you’ll get to see the best file manager apps to use on your Android device. Let’s dig right into this topic now without wasting much time.

List of the Best Android File Manager Apps

Below is an articulated list of the best file manager applications to be used on Android devices. These apps come with amazing and quite useful features that have proven to be helpful. They are well-designed and easy to navigate and understand.

1. ES File Explorer

Best File Manager Apps for AndroidBest File Manager Apps for Android

ES File Explorer has come a long way to be topped as the best file manager application that one can use on his/her Android smartphone. With this file explorer installed on your Android device, you’ll be able to save files, documents, and folders easily. You can also move your important files wherever you wish to keep them safe. ES File Explorer offers amazing features you wouldn’t find on other file manager apps.

If you’re one of those folks that’s fond of downloading huge files that require extraction or unzipping before you can have access to the main file, then ES File Explorer would help you to achieve this. You can also lock up files, and folders with passwords to avoid anyone intruding on them. ES File Explorer has got a beautiful and material-designed blue and white user interface for easy navigation.

2. Mi File Manager

Best File Manager Apps for Android

Mi File Manager is a unique file explorer application that was developed by Xiaomi, a tech giant in China. This app was designed mostly to be used by Xiaomi smartphone users, but equally offers the same features and uses for other Android smartphones, and so it has marked a spot as one of the best Android file manager apps which you can use on your Android device.

Mi File Manager will help you to access your files faster, and also manage them easily. You can use features such as; renaming, unzipping, opening, and deleting files. There’s even a share option feature that allows its users to be able to share files easily just like the popular Xender app. This file explorer does recognize file formats such as; mp3, mp4, APK, doc, jpg, jpeg, png and others so you’ve got all you need.

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Mi File Manager does get updated regularly, so you’d enjoy the best experience with it. Talking about its design, this application has a clear crisp and clear user interface which would make file management easier and better. To enjoy its features better, it’s advisable to get yourself a Xiaomi smartphone.

[appbox googleplay]

3. Solid Explorer

Best File Manager Apps for Android

Solid Explorer can be said to be one of the best-looking file and cloud managers that have got independent panels. This file manager has got you covered for any feature which you might have been looking for in a file manager app. With this application, you get to enjoy a new level of file-browsing experience on your Android device. Solid Explorer has got speed and efficiency.

Solid Explorer gives you options that’ll help you customize the file manager using themes, and colours and place any icon set of your choice. That’s to say that you can design the interface of this application to your taste. This file manager application will enable you to manage your files and folders in all your preferred locations. Solid Explorer is top-notch when it comes to file management on Android devices.

[appbox googleplay pl.solidexplorer2]

4. X-plore File Manager

Best File Manager Apps for Android

X-plore File Manager is a powerful tool for file exploring on Android devices. With this application, you can view the inside and outside of your device. That is to say that anything hidden can be seen using this app on your device. One of the complex features this app offers is extracting zipped or compressed files. Of course, the X-plore file manager does offer commonly used features, and with it, you can perform basic operations related to file management.

X-plore File Manager doesn’t have a nice design, but it does have an understandable user interface and good navigation. There are a few features in this application that can not be found on other file manager apps, and for sure, there are quite useful and amazing features. If you’ve got a rooted Android device, you would be able to perform system operations like making changes to system data backup files and also removing unwanted apps.

[appbox googleplay com.lonelycatgames.Xplore]

5. File Commander

Best File Manager Apps for Android

File Commander is another good file manager for Android, and of course, it has made its way to becoming one of the best Android file manager apps to use on your device. This file explorer application is among those that offer fine cloud storage to help you save files, documents, and folders easily on your Android smartphone. You would surely want to try out this app.

File Commander has also got a nice and beautifully designed user interface for Android devices. This application has also got a storage analyzer feature that performs daily checks on your phone storage and shows you a detailed report of what is occupying and eating up space on your device, and that’s not all, because it also gives you guides on what to do, to free up your storage quickly and easily.

[appbox googleplay com.mobisystems.fileman]

6. Files By Google

Best File Manager Apps for Android

File by Google (

Files by Google to me is an amazing file explorer app for Android and being developed by Google means we can always expect its features to be amazing, I prefer this file explorer app though, and what it offers is quite similar to that of ES File Explorer, with Files by Google you can easily share files offline, backup files to cloud server and also free up space on your Android device.

This file explorer app does have features you won’t find on ES File Explorer and that is why it’s being considered as an alternative to it, Files By Google is free and doesn’t have a pro or paid version. It’s a good alternative to ES File Explorer.

[appbox googleplay]

7. ASTRO File Explorer & Storage Organizer

Best File Manager Apps for Android

ASTRO File Manager & Storage Organizer (

ASTRO File Explorer & Storage Organizer is another file manager app you can use on your android device, it does a lot and its features are pretty amazing. I’ll recommend this file explorer app at any time cause it works amazingly. With ASTRO File Explorer & Storage Organizer, you can free up space on your android device, uninstall unused apps easily and also zip and extract files at the same time.

ASTRO File Explorer & Storage Organizer does a lot, has many features and contains no ADS, it’s even a free file explorer app that charges nothing. This app is an alternative to ES File Explorer, if you need a very solid file Explorer app for your Android device, here is the perfect one for you.

[appbox googleplay com.metago.astro]

8. File Explorer Root Browser

Best File Manager Apps for Android
File Explorer Root Browser (

If you’re using a rooted Android smartphone, this is one of the best file explorer apps you should use on your device, File Explorer Root Browser has a lot to offer in terms of features, it doesn’t just work because it’s for rooted devices, it has some addon features that just make the app so lovely to use.

This file explorer app also serves as an editor to SQLite, you can use it to analyze APK files, and you can use it to view and edit any type of file. You can discover more file manager apps for rooted Android phones here.

[appbox googleplay com.jrummy.root.browserfree]


Well, now you’ve seen the best file manager apps on your Android device. These apps do offer features that’ll be useful to you anytime and any day. With them, you can easily organize, safeguard and access your files. You now stand a chance to get free storage space when you have them installed. Meanwhile, for those who prefer iOS devices, here’s our list of the best file manager apps on iPhones and iPads. That said, please do share this article for others to benefit from. Thank you.

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