Best Marketing Tips you’ve to Use in YouTube Marketing this Year

If you are looking for more information about YouTube marketing in 2021, then you’ve come to the right place. We will give you interesting ideas that are tested, proven and working in 2021.

Find out the Best Time to Post

When you upload your video, you will see the option to schedule it to be published. This is usually handy, especially if you want some consistency on your channel, such as releasing a video every Tuesday at noon.

While scheduling time isn’t as important as it is on other platforms, choosing the right time to post to YouTube can still give your new videos an extra boost. You can get extra-boost from brands like Subscriberz and get high-quality fan-base on the video platform. Sending messages on weekdays from noon to 4 pm is usually the best choice. This post time gives YouTube enough time to register your content and show the video to subscribers.


Carefully Watch the Comments for New Videos

You should always keep track of all your YouTube channel activity, so it’s especially important to keep an eye on new videos shortly after they are posted.

There are several reasons for this:

  • You may be promoting new videos on other platforms, including social media channels or your email, driving more traffic to them.
  • This can help you quickly assess the overall mood of your new videos, adapt them, and respond to any potential problems.
  • New videos will quickly show up to subscribers, which will also drive a lot of traffic to them.
  • Monitoring comments allows you to respond to questions, concerns, or complaints. This will ensure that you can quickly disable trolls and help and interact with active users.

Always Choose your Own Thumbnail Sketch

Your video thumbnail is what users will see when they browse and decide what to watch next, including in search results, on your video feed, and in the Suggested Videos section that appears when you watch something.

Thumbnails are important because they can grab the user’s attention and significantly affect the number of clicks you get.

Always create your own thumbnail to benefit from this, using text and a high quality image to showcase what your video is about. They will almost always look much better (and more professional) than YouTube’s auto-generated thumbnail options.

When you upload your video, you will see the option to select a thumbnail. Upload a 1280 x 720 pixel thumbnail of your own production.

Some companies choose to create “branded” thumbnails that display brand icons and colors, as well as distinctive layouts for all of their videos. Using branded badges can help build brand awareness and increase video views on your channel as a whole.

You can create a standard layout using third party design tools and simply change the background image and text.


YouTube is a platform that offers huge potential for businesses of all shapes and sizes (B2B and B2C), but you need to stick to best practices if you want to see these incredible results.

The techniques discussed above give each YouTube video posted the best chance of gaining user attention and improving performance while avoiding common mistakes that can lead to your campaigns failing before they even start.

When you combine these practices with a strong YouTube strategy, your channel is prepared to engage target audiences, build brand awareness, build leadership, and even drive sales.

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