Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2023

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For years, video editing and writing on video remained confined to computers, Because It requires high specifications that were not available in smartphones at the time.

Today, smartphones are good enough to do things like professionally merge or edit video with the tremendous evolution of multi-core processors and large RAM.

Shooting high-resolution videos up to 4K by phone has become affordable and a solution for many users as an alternative to professional cameras, so it was necessary to appear applications to edit these videos directly after filming, and without the need for big experience to use computer programs, Indeed, there are a large number of these applications that provide a distinct user experience, which we will talk about in this article.

Best video editing and merging apps for Android

Quik: The fastest in the integration of video

As the name suggests, This application is very fast in video editing process, and includes many of the great features such as the ability to write on video and compatibility with GoPro cameras, and the ability to save video at a frame rate of 60fps which gives great smooth playback, and synchronize transitions automatically with the tones in the music, Ability to save the video as a draft for further editing later.

Once you have edited the video it can be saved in 720p or 1080p quality, or share it directly to social networks. The application is completely free and does not contain annoying ads, and it is a very convenient option for fans of simplicity who want only basic tasks such as video integration.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

One of the most powerful video editing apps available on Android, it is recommended for those who want to produce professional videos.It supports multiple layers of single video (on supported devices only), 4K videos, multi-track audio, live preview of video while editing, 3D transitions, color filters Audio, video writing, tools and many other professional features.

The disadvantage of adding a watermark in the free version of it, and you must pay the monthly subscription to remove them, which makes it more expensive than most other applications over time, but if you do not mind the presence of the watermark application on the video this application is your best choice.


The app comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to edit video in a timeline, add titles (write on video) and transitions (video merge), a large library of effects with over 30 different effects, the ability to add background music and support slow-motion videos And share directly to YouTube.

The app comes with educational videos for each feature and tool, helping you to professionally use it quickly and effortlessly. The app has the disadvantage of having annoying ads and adding a video watermark in the free version, and some features like exporting 1080p or 4K video are only available in the paid version.


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