10 Best Washing Machines in Nigeria (2023)

10 Best Washing Machines in Nigeria (2023)

A washing machine is more than just a luxurious home item. The tight schedule and stressful activities witnessed in our time as a worker or entrepreneur will leave you with little or no time for house chores such as laundry. This is why many people ensure to get a washing machine to get the job done. There are different models and brands of washing machines available in Nigeria. The ones listed below have been selected based on durability and efficiency. If you are about to purchase a washing machine and are not sure which to get, this article covers the best washing machines available in the Nigerian market, both online and offline.

10 Best Washing Machines in Nigeria (2023)

10 Best Washing Machines in Nigeria (2023)


The LG Fully Automated Washing Machine is the perfect machine for large households. It can even be used for commercial purposes. The LG Top Load Machine comes in different capacities such as 7 kg, 16 kg, 13kg so that you can purchase whichever one suits your needs. While many complain that their washing machines damage their clothes, LG Washing takes great care of clothes with an inbuilt Smart motion and Smart inverter technology. The Smart motion also helps to regulate wash time. The machine drums are powered by a Direct Drive technology, such that you can clearly witness lots of movement in the machine while washing is going on but with as few moving parts as possible, this ensures minimal damages as possible to the machine itself.


Hisense Front Load Washing Machine is both a washer and dryer such that it can wash up to 10kg of laundry and dry up to 7kg of laundry. It is designed with a premium-looking titanium finish so that it is sleek enough to be put in your apartment. It has a spin built with an inverter technology that makes it really quiet. This machine has a quick wash function so you can wash and dry up to 1 kg of clothes in just one hour. This machine is really useful especially when you are in a rush and need to get an outfit washed and ready immediately. The Hisense Washing Machine has an inverter motor that helps the machine run at optimum speed and save energy while being very quiet.


The Midea Front Load Washing Machine comes in different sizes, from 6kg to 7kg. It is an ideal washing machine for small to medium-sized households. This machine is fully automated and versatile, offering up to 23 wash programs. It has a compact design which makes it great for a house with limited space as it can fit in tight corners. It has an inverter motor which makes it perform its functions without noise. It has a spinning function that runs at optimal speed yet with a drying noise of 62dB. It is equipped with water drop drum technology to improve washing results and efficiency. It has an extra drying mode for thicker material and a child lock to protect your ward from unfortunate mishaps.


Binatone Top Load Washer is one of the most versatile and portable washing machines available in the market. It has a compact design and comes in different sizes from 4kg to 7kg to suit your needs. Unlike most mini compact washing machines, the Binatone Top Load Washer comes with a spin-drying function. The spin dryer tub is detachable and can be easily attached to the washer tube to spin clothes. The Binatone Washing Machine comes in a waterproof and rustproof full plastic body to ensure durability. With this, you can be sure to get value for your money.  The machine is designed to wash your clothes clean such that it tackles even stubborn stains effectively to make clothes perfectly clean for you. This washing machine also has a low power consumption rate.


The Nexus Semi-automatic twin-tub washer offers 2 wash programs. It comes with a rust-proof body so that it stays durable for years. This washing machine is efficient yet gentle on your clothes to ensure that your fabrics are not damaged. The two wash programs are a gentle wash program for delicate fabric and a normal wash program for washing tougher clothes such as bed sheets, jeans, etc. The Nexus Semi-automatic twin-tub washer has a spin-dry option so that your clothes can be dried on time. This machine operates with very minimal noise. It also comes with safety features such as a child’s lock to protect your ward from harm.


Haier Thermo cool Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is made of plastic so that it remains durable for a long time. It’s built-in in such a way that it is able to withstand rust even after constant contact with moisture. This washing machine allows you pre-soak your clothes for up to 30 minutes before getting them into the real washing mode. It also has a child lock mechanism to protect your child and prevent them from messing with your laundry and the setting. This unit also has a magic lint collection that collects all the lint from your laundry and puts them in one place. This helps for easy cleaning and helps to maintain the machine, making it last a long time.


QASA Washing machine has a compact design that lets it fit perfectly into even a small house. This washing machine features a 3D jet pulsator which helps to remove dust and mites by adding friction. It also has a lint filter that helps to remove residues and ensure your clothes are cleaned better. It has a rust-less plastic body and a pure copper motor. The QASA Washing machine has a turbo spinning system that helps to drain excess water after rinsing your clothes so that your clothes will be completely dry after use. It also features a buzzer to notify you when the washing time is over. This machine offers a better quality wash after each use. The QASA Washing machine is easy to use and install. It can also be powered by a generator.

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